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Shocker: Dems Renege On “Earmarks” Pledge

From an understanding Associated Press:

House battle heightens over spending ‘earmarks’

June 12, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) — Partisan sniping over Congress’ targeted spending escalated Monday as a House committee chairman threatened to kill all pet projects if Republican leaders “demagogue” the issue.

The chairman, Wisconsin Democrat David Obey, also said that his House Appropriations Committee will publicize proposed “earmarks” before House-Senate conferees resolve differences in the government’s annual spending bills this fall.

But Republicans said that offer falls far short of Democrats’ January promise to disclose lawmakers’ earmark requests before the bills reach the House floor, a process that begins this week.

The practice of placing earmarks in spending bills has grown in recent years. So has criticism of the roads, museums, contracts and other projects that lawmakers seek for their districts.

When they assumed control of Congress in January, Democrats rewrote House rules to require that earmark requests — and the people who make them — be publicized in documents that accompany spending bills as they are being debated. But Obey earlier this month said such lists would not be available until the House had voted on the bills and readied them for a House-Senate committee for final negotiations

Republicans said Democrats should keep their promise of publicizing earmark requests before spending bills reach the House floor. “Democrats are still making it easy to hide wasteful spending from the American people and making a mockery of their pledge to make the appropriations process more open and transparent,” said House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio…

Have the Democrats kept any of their promises?

Have they done any of the things they vowed to accomplish in their first 100 hours? Their first 100 days?

Of course if the positions were reversed and Republicans had reneged on these pledges we would never hear the end of it.

But our one party media will never allow the Democrats to be held to their word.

It’s “partisan sniping” and “demagoging” to point out their endless lies.

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