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Democrats ‘Run Away’ From Obama-Care

From the Politico:

Dems run away from health care

By: Jennifer Haberkorn
September 5, 2010

A handful of House Democrats are making health care reform an election year issue — by running against it.

At least five of the 34 House Democrats who voted against their party’s health care reform bill are highlighting their “no” votes in ads back home. By contrast, party officials in Washington can’t identify a single House member who’s running an ad boasting of a “yes” vote — despite the fact that 219 House Democrats voted in favor of final passage in March.

One Democratic strategist said it would be “political malfeasance” to run such an ad now

It looks like Messrs Obama and Clinton and countless editorials from our media masters were wrong.

In fact, it looks like they all flat-out lied to the Congressional Democrats, when they said that they would suffer in November if they didn’t pass Obama-care.

What a shock this must be to these unfortunate dupes.

Rep. Glenn Nye (D-Va.) says in an ad that went up last week that he voted against the law “because it cost too much.”

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-S.D.) says she voted against “all the bailouts and the trillion dollar health care plan” because “it wasn’t right for South Dakota” or for children anywhere.

And an ad for Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.) quotes constituents who say, “I like that Jason Altmire is not afraid to stand up to the president … and Nancy Pelosi.”

More “no” voters are expected to release similar ads as the November midterm elections approach…

Like Joseph Stalin is supposed to have said at the height of his purges, ‘there are going to be fewer but better Democrats, come November.’

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8 Responses to “Democrats ‘Run Away’ From Obama-Care”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So, then…..it’s the democrats who are the party of “no”?

    Gee, I’m soooooo confused. (not)

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    C’mon NOvember!!

    Like I’m suppose to feel pity paty for a gang of self sufficient thieves and asshats.

    “ALL GONE!!”

  3. proreason says:

    I know, you’re tired of me ranting about the country’s make-believe president and the marxists on school holiday in the moronistration. Well here is something new.

    Big things are afoot in the country. Way bigger than the 70% united front against the Obamycare scam.

    The country is now awake. Somewhere in the mix of “America is evil”, “if you don’t agree with my radical liberal views you are a hunch-backed hayseed racist”, “you’ll take you medicine or else”, “i’ll be back to lecture you some more after my Spanish Holdiday is finished”, and “Recovery Summer”, the boat went over the falls.

    Maybe it was Beck, maybe it’s the announcement of Sale! GM stock!!, maybe it’s the lawsuits against the state of AdultCitizens, maybe its the realization that EVERYBODY is frightened to spend a dime because it’s gonna cost you 20 cents and signing your life away to brother obamy. Maybe it’s the water.

    But there can’t be any question about it, the natives are restless.

    CHANGE is coming and this time it’s gonna be the change we really have been waiting for.

    We’re post racial. The msm is on its last breaths. It will be decades, if ever, before politicians will be able to spend our money to buy themselves fiefdoms. It’s obvious now…government IS the problem. Paul Ryan has already figured out how to fix the future. All we need is a happy and determined conservative to fix the present. It will take a long time, and this generation is going to have to make some sacrifices to get there, but the Moron has opened the door to the alternative, and the Dante-esque scene inside that room is driving everything today.

    And here is what you never never expected.

    Thank you Barack Obama. Thank you. Without you, we would have boiled to death.

    But be careful Antiobamaites, don’t relax. The vermin are still running the house, and it’s going to take a firefight yet to drive them back into the sewers.

  4. Right of the People says:

    “I voted for it before I voted against it.” Famous words from a prototypical Dem.

    The very few Dims who voted against this monstrosity are whistling past the graveyard by stressing their “brave” vote against the machine. It would be interesting to look at their voting records on all of the other major travesties this administration has shoved down our throats. I’ve looked at all of the folks I can vote for in my home state and have already made up my mind, I hope more folks will do the same.

    To quote Admiral Yamamoto, “I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant.” Someone should mention this to the a-hole in the Oval Office.

  5. hushpuppy says:

    ‘…there are going to be fewer but better Democrats, come November.’

    Just curious – I wonder what a Democrat’s definition is of a ‘better Democrat? My mind boggles!

    Proreason – I can only speak for myself of course, but I don’t get tired of your rants. Carry on…. :-)

    • Curmudgeon says:

      I agree with the Hushpuppy. Your name is apt, Pro, keep ranting, speaking, and writing your reasonings.

    • untrainable says:

      I too am pro Pro. You go.
      But forget about driving them back into the sewer. They’ll just change their name again and emerge later to try again. How about a pied piper to drive them off a cliff into the rocks below, never to return.

  6. proreason says:

    In case you missed it, Tom Coburn says Obamycare is designed to fail.


    What he is saying has been said here and many other places for a year, but it’s unusual to hear a Senator say such a thing.

    In summary, the reason Obamycare is such an unworkable monstrosity is so that there will be a groudswell to replace it within a few years…with, of course, single payer, UK-style, 100% command-and-control state-run health care.

    Bad as Obamycare is, it is only a stalking horse for something even worse.

    The clip explains it clearly. What he doesn’t say, though, is that it’s all about dictatorial power for the ruling class.

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