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Democrats See No Evidence Of Bias In IRS Targeting

From a shameless Politico:

Democrats step up defense in IRS affair

By RACHAEL BADE | May 7, 2014

Democrats took to playing defense over the IRS tea party melee on Tuesday, days before the official at the center of the storm is expected to be held in contempt of Congress. Interview transcripts of interrogations of Treasury Department and IRS officials by the House Oversight Committee as part of the nearly yearlong probe found no one aware of White House involvement or political bias, according to excerpts released by panel Democrats.

Democrats claim they see no evidence of politics in Obama’s cover up of the Benghazi attack. And Democrats claim they see no evidence of political bias in the IRS targeting of the Tea Party.

And yet these same Democrats claim they see evidence of climate change everywhere. Apparently, they have very selective eyesight.

None of the 39 people interviewed by the panel — from former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman to front-line Cincinnati screening agents — saw evidence that the Obama administration orchestrated the singling out of conservative groups applying for tax exemptions for extra scrutiny. Nor did anyone report seeing evidence of political motivation.

Fish don’t know they are wet, either. By the way, the IRS investigation was headed by an Obama donor. Which is exactly why there needs to be a Special Counsel.

“It is clear that there was no White House involvement or political motivation in the screening of tax exempt applicants, contrary to the accusations made by Chairman [Darrell] Issa [R-Calif.] before we began this investigation,” top Democrat Elijah Cummings of Maryland said in a statement…

Funny, that is what Mr. Cummings said even before the investigation began. And we all know how much he wanted to get to the bottom of the scandal.

Republicans have played hardball in the matter, releasing reams of documents to show what they say was extreme partisanship on the part of Lerner and others in Washington.

Wow, that is a dirty trick on the Republicans’ part. To produce documentary evidence.

Democrats have been less aggressive and decried what they called hijacking of the process…

Yes, the Democrats like Elijah Cummings have been saints throughout. All they want is the truth.

The transcripts are not complete but include excerpts that have not yet been publicized, such as an interview with [Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas] Shulman, a self-described registered independent who was appointed by President George W. Bush and served from 2008 to 2012.

“Based on your experience working at the IRS, have you seen evidence of an attempt to, quote, ‘target’ the president’s political enemies?” he was asked by panel investigators in a closed-door interview in December. “No,” he responded. “Are you aware of any outside influence, meaning outside of the IRS, on the IRS’ treatment of the advocacy cases?” the questions continued. “Not that I’m aware of,” he said…

The Politico is positively despicable. As we have noted before, Douglas Shulman is a Democrat. Mr. Shulman gave $500 to the Democrat National Committee one month before his appointment by Bush in 2004. (Which Bush did to ‘reach across the aisle.’)

And even after his appointment by Bush, Shulman’s wife contributed to Kerry in 2004 and to Rep. Donna F. Edwards, a Maryland Democrat, in 2006.

Additionally, Shulman’s wife Susan L. Anderson, works for the Public Campaign, which is a 501c4 Democrat front group dedicated to destroying the Tea Party.  She also worked for the Obama campaign in 2012.

So, naturally, Mr. Shulman wouldn’t see even a smidgen of corruption.

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One Response to “Democrats See No Evidence Of Bias In IRS Targeting”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “It is clear that there was no White House involvement” Cummings would know. After all, it was his office that requested Lerner look into the Tea Party groups. It appears that has all been forgotten already. Also, if there was no political motivation, what prompted all the IRS to deny status to only conservative groups? It would seem a little capricious to think it was just happenstance.

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