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Dems Sue To Keep FL Voters Uninformed

From the Palm Beach Post:

Florida state Rep. Joe Negron (L) points to a reporter while answering questions alongside his family.

Democrats sue over notices about ballot

By Michael C. Bender
Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Florida Democratic Party filed a lawsuit Friday in hopes of keeping notices out of polling places that would inform voters that ballots cast for former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley will count for fellow Republican Joe Negron.

The eight county elections supervisors who will record the outcome in the 16th Congressional District agreed this week to print a notice that would be posted at registration tables and handed to voters who had questions about the race.

Foley resigned Sept. 29 – too late to print new ballots – and was replaced as the Republican candidate by Negron, a state lawmaker from Stuart. Negron will receive any votes cast for Foley, according to state law.

When Negron was picked as Foley’s replacement, Florida Division of Elections Director Dawn Roberts asked the supervisors to mail a notice about the change with absentee ballots and to post the notice inside individual voting booths. Supervisors decided against her recommendation but agreed this week to make a notice available in case of voter confusion.

The attorney for the Florida State Supervisors of Elections gave local supervisors recommended language for the notice, which also would tell voters that votes cast for Democrat Tim Mahoney will count for Mahoney and votes cast for Emmie Ross, who has no party affiliation, will count for Ross.

But Democrats said giving voters this information at the polling place is illegal. Democratic attorneys cite a Florida statute that states: "No precinct officer may favor any political party, candidate or issue."

"This plain English statute specifically prohibits any (election supervisor) from passing out at a polling location any information whatsoever that identifies Negron replacing Foley," the complaint states. "That would clearly and prejudicially constitute favoritism for both the Republican Party and Negron."

The eight county supervisors – including Arthur Anderson in Palm Beach, Vicki Davis in Martin and Gertrude Walker in St. Lucie – and Secretary of State Sue Cobb were named as defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed in the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Leon County. Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman is the plaintiff

The Democrat party continues to show its fear and loathing for fair elections and its ceaseless contempt for the truth in general.

Supervisors… agreed this week to make a notice available in case of voter confusion.

In other words, if someone actually asks about Mr. Negron, they might cop to the fact that he is running. But not before.

How telling it is that the Democrats think knowing the name of the Republican candidate is "favoritism."

They must have a pretty low regard for their own candidate.

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