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Dems Are Setting Up Phony ‘Tea Parties’

From, of all places, the Politico:

Dems accused of tea party tampering

By: Jeanne Cummings
August 5, 2010

Nationally, Democrats say they intend to campaign against the tea party movement. But locally, Democratic officials and activists in at least four states now stand accused of collaborating with tea party candidates in an attempt to sabotage Republican challengers in some of the closest House races in the nation.

The charges of dirty tricks are being leveled in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and Florida — and they involve more than a half-dozen contests that could tip the balance of power in the House.

The accusations range from helping tea party activists circulate candidate petition sheets to underwriting the creation of official tea parties, which then put forth slates of candidates that local conservatives accuse of being rife with Democratic plants.

In all of the affected races, the outcome is expected to be close enough that a third-party candidate who wins just a few percentage points could end up swinging the outcome to the Democratic congressman or candidate.

“The Democrats have come to the realization that they can’t win on issues, and with their flawed candidates, so they are forced to skirt the rules by running candidates who they hope can split the vote with Republicans,” said Paul Lindsey, a National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman.

Democratic officials deny there is any grand conspiracy…

But the evidence of campaign tampering in at least two states is hard to dismiss. In Michigan, the [Democrat] party chairman in suburban Detroit’s Oakland County now concedes that one of his top aides played a role in helping nine tea party candidates get onto the ballot for various offices across the state — including the open 1st Congressional District and the 7th Congressional District, held by vulnerable freshman Democratic Rep. Mark Schauer

Now, seven House seats are the subject of controversies that are spawning threats of lawsuits and criminal complaints and even pitting conservative tea party activists against one another.

One of those activists is Jim Schneller, who is running to fill the suburban Philadelphia-based seat left vacant by Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak, who is running for the U.S. Senate…

According to [his Republican opponent Pat Meehan’s campaign’s] analysis, 3,800 of the 4,200 voter signatures gathered to put Schneller on the ballot were collected by Democrats. And among those who helped the tea party candidate are Colleen Guiney, the chairwoman of the Swarthmore Democratic Party and a Lentz supporter, and Nicholas Allred, who works for the Swarthmore College Democrats…

Challenges already are being lodged against some of the 23 candidates running as part of the newly minted Tea Party of Michigan.

Even before the candidate roster was released last month, the suspicions of tea party activists had been aroused when they learned that the founding father of the new state party is Mark Steffek, a retired United Auto Workers steward…

[One of t]he Michigan Tea Party’s… House candidate is Lonny Lee Snyder, who is running for the Republican-leaning district of retiring Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak..

Snyder doesn’t have a website, the Tea Party headquarters didn’t release biographical information about his candidacy, and grass-roots tea party activists say they have never heard of him. When POLITICO called his home number, a man who answered said Snyder wasn’t home.

The mystery surrounding Snyder and other Michigan Tea Party candidates prompted some conservatives to do some digging. Jason Gillman, a local blogger with campaign experience, requested copies from state election officials of the “Affidavit of Identity” of all 23 candidates nominated by the new Tea Party.

As he perused them, Gillman noticed that nine of the affidavits were notarized by a person named Jason Bauer. When Gillman searched the name on the Internet, he discovered that Bauer worked for the Oakland County Democratic Party — information he quickly disseminated to the local news media and the conservative think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy…

A similar scenario is unfolding in Florida, where there is also evidence — though not conclusive — of Democratic tampering. There, accusations of trickery have sparked a bitter battle among tea party activists.

The skirmishing began when grass-roots conservatives learned that a local attorney, Fred O’Neal, and a Republican political consultant in Orlando, Doug Guetzloe, had registered the Florida Tea Party with state election officials…

As local activists began digging into the backgrounds of O’Neal and Guetzloe, they discovered several connections between the consultant and Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, an outspoken freshman who is at the top of GOP target lists.

Grayson advertised on Guetzloe’s conservative talk show. He also appointed Guetzloe to a small-business advisory group and Guetzloe’s son interned in the Democrat’s congressional office.

Armed with those links, tea party activists across the state accused the two men of forming a front group designed to help Democrats in tight elections

[T]he accusations grew more heated when the Florida Tea Party released a slate of 20 candidates to run for state and federal offices.

Although the vast majority of the challengers are aimed at state officials, the organization recruited candidates for three important House races — two Republican-held open seats and the Grayson contest.

“The recent flurry of last-minute filings by so-called ‘tea party candidates’ looks awfully suspicious when many of the candidates were recently registered Democrats and have filed to run in districts hundreds of miles away from their residences,” Florida Republican Party Chairman John Thrasher said

The full article goes into many other examples of the Democrats’ perfidy. But you get the point.

Saul Alinsky Lives! Lenin Lives! These people will grab and hold onto power by whatever means it takes.

Nothing else matters to them.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, August 6th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Dems Are Setting Up Phony ‘Tea Parties’”

  1. JohnMG says:

    This type of subterfuge shouldn’t surprise anyone. It does, however, highlight just how democrats view our governmental process.

    What they may not realize, and what a careful study of history reveals, is what happened after oppressive government forces thwarted the original tea party participants’ quest. There was a fair amount of ass-kickin’ and name-takin’ going on. A purge, if you will.

    These cowardly bastards can’t or won’t meet the opposition head-on, they hide in the weeds and ambush. Can they really think they’re the only ones who know how to play that game?

    And as with every other thing they attempt, they muck that up too!!

  2. wardmama4 says:

    As Rush says – they tell us exactly who and what they are scared of – and they know that their ‘agenda’ is failing big time. The media can attempt to spin their bs all they want – but the majority of Americans were against (TARP, Stimulus, Healthcare, Eternal Unemployment, Amnesty (for starters)) and are not going away – but rather getting more and more organized and louder of voice (when ever did any politician make a National – Vote to Eliminate some wasteful government program – weekly that is still going? Or even think such a thing was possible?)

    NOvember should be interesting. And yes, I do believe that there are more willing to fight for Freedom and Individual Rights than are willing to fight for entitlement living.

  3. In the middle of it.. She got a lot more information from me than printed..

    In 2008, the Democrats recognized they were going to have difficulty holding on to the executive mansion in Michigan. They had to come up with a plan to “change the rules” a little in their favor while they still had power.

    They came up with this: http://www.mackinac.org/9668
    What that is, is a power point presentation to labor leaders and other powerful Democrats on how the balance could be changed using deceptive tools and relying on conservatives to act.. like conservatives.
    It was essentially a RE-Build of the Michigan Constitution, and the Dems hoped to put it over on us. At first Mark Brewer the Dem chief said he had “no idea who the unknown was who started the $2million project” but had to own up to it eventually.
    They almost did it. In fact it received enough signatures to get on the ballot, but a little rule about being able to fit the essential changes in 100 words or less got it stuck at the elections bureau. Thank God.

    This time, for the “Tea Party” effort they picked another unknown to run the project. Mark Steffek. No real political history to tie down.. a couple of forced PAC donations from his last union job, but that was it. A complete mystery. Then more was being learned by Chetly Zarko who died of an embolism recently. His work on this can be found here: http://www.outsidelansing.com/

    Finally, a week and a half ago, the new start up political group that has NO TIES to Tea Parties in Michigan, put up a slate of 23 candidates. I am actively involved here, and being a writer as well as a candidate for office (I won the Primary against an incumbent BTW) I wanted to know what made these “unknowns” tick. But I couldn’t find a trace of them.. No History.. Most of them anyhow. It was as if they didn’t exist.

    I challenged the bureau of elections to provide me with information to the contrary. I received the affidavits of identity I knew they had to have as a result of my own candidacy.

    When I received them, two things stood out. Most were very young. In fact Two are already disqualified because of age. The other thing was that about half were notarized in Oakland county, AWAY from the supposed Saginaw convention, that no one (to this day ) knows where the picks happened. They were notarized by The Oakland County Democrat Party Political Director, Jason Bauer.

    The Top of the Ticket For the new “Tea Party” party, was Secretary of State.. The current SOS pick by the DEMS Jocelyn Benson, hangs her hat with the Oakland Dems. As does the MI Chair Mark Brewer. Benson is a formidable opponent already, and a Gadsden snake next to the elephant and donkey on the ticket was a sure way to screw the republican pick for SOS.

    Bauer, himself a twenty something, has been already thrown under the bus by the OCDP Chair, The MI DEM Chair, and Benson. The OCDP Chair said “He stepped over the line”

    Funny though, how they cannot explain where a 20 something OCDP political director would have the cash to run a $120,000 signature campaign.

    So there you have it… the Rest of the Story.. till later.

    • JohnMG says:

      Probably a lot of this is legally challengeable, am I correct? But by the time that can be put in motion, the damage will have already been done.

      Clever bunch of theiving criminals!!

    • There are ongoing challenges by a number of Tea Party groups, with the assistance of the MIGOP, but if the Gadsden flag winds up on the ballots, its a bad thing.

    • proreason says:

      JG, you should contact O’Reilly or Beck.

      They seem to be the two that like to publicize this kind of stuff.

    • Working on it.. Sometimes even the most correct things do not get the proper attention.

      Found that out before when I busted Pelosi for her involvement in CLNE. It goes only so far, until the next Lindsey Lohan fiasco pops up taking legit news time away.

      However, I know Rush reads this and I had a call into him early on talking about it potentially being Mark Brewer thing (when they appeared) and it fit his theme of the day (the Dems not being able to do anything without lying)

      Hopefully he catches the comments as well.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    What Ever You Do Don’t Drink The Punch.

    (s&l disclaimer – the following is an excerpt from the 1980 movie “Hollywood Nights” starring Robert Wohl. Said excerpt is not intended to offend, nor insinuate that liberals are a bunch of whiney weanies. OK, you got me. the last part isn’t true).


  5. wardmama4 says:

    Jason – that is the biggest problem we have – the anti-American/socialist Dems have entrenched themselves into the very institutions that should be valuable check and balance on politicos gone wild – and thus we are where we are, on the verge of the destruction of the American way of life.

    We have to fight against it, expose it and keep on working – as We will be the ones left standing in the end. Think about this – the people these vile politicos are depending on – own almost nothing, have disrupted if not no family structure and probably most have no job, they certainly have no values nor morals and little respect for truth or the law. What is there for them to fight for – their checks? Is that enough for them to die for? I don’t think so ever.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Wardmama – you nailed it! Throughout history agitators have built their foundations on sand. They can not stand & eventually collapse – sometimes taking a lot of society with them but they collapse. So stay positive, be cheerful.

      Hey! In the end Jesus comes back anyway & straightens everybody out. And next time! No More Mister Nice Guy!

    • wardmama4 says:

      I have always said – while in theory it would be nice to have a God who does strike people dead for lying, theft and such – but in reality, not so much. Because I have come to realize that the bumper sticker does say it all – Christians are not perfect, just forgiven. I couldn’t make it if God really held me accountable (instantly) here – I just have the courage and character to admit it, and then attempt to do better.

      Yes, I hold on because I have read the book, I know that the only power the devil has is if we believe his lies – and that is what has been so strong and good about America for generations – We have been for the Individual, for Rights, for doing the right thing Worldwide.

      And somehow the idiot left and it’s dope smoking dropouts wormed their ways into everything – and are so busy lying and distorting – that well, they have become the very hated ‘the Man that they fought against – and don’t see how stupid and hypocritical they are. Indeed this Emperor has no clothes and he is surrounded by people too stupid to even notice it.

      And America’s greatness is beyond being tarnished, it is being damaged. I thought during the Clinton years that America might never recover from the juvenile antics and personal lies – the Clintons are pikers compared to The Won – he is intentionally destroying all that is American greatness – because he hates half of himself. Sucks to be him – can well all make a 28th Constitutional Amendment – that all candidates for President have a psychiatric evaluation (hee,hee,hee – I know most of the Ruling Class in DC couldn’t pass that test!!!)

      Keep fighting – it is worth it.

  6. GetBackJack says:

    per Steve’s comment – Saul Alinsky Lives! Lenin Lives! These people will grab and hold onto power by whatever means it takes.

    The grasping political class we are witness to will burn everything down rather than lose power.


  7. Reality Bytes says:

    Not So Fast Barry! You got sum ‘splainin’ to do first!

  8. bill says:

    Probably not going to be too hard to spot the liars …

    Democrats motto — Lie cheat and steal, it’s up to the user to figure out what they are doing at any given time.

  9. swee says:

    I believe this story to be true…but I’m suspicious about Politico, which is all about inside-the-Beltway reporting. Why would they even bother to report a story like this? This sounds like a story more likely to be found on Fox News.
    Will they be suspicious of any Democrats who win come November? I’m doubtful.

  10. bronzeprofessor says:

    If you challenge these guys about this, they will claim they are just doing what conservatives have supposedly done to them. They are great at projecting and rationalizing.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Yes indeed – and then do not see that they ‘become’ exactly what they have been/are bitching about – that is the essence of revenge – doing onto the other what was done to you. Instead of rising above it and turning around and helping others to rise above – it is all about ‘gettin’ yours’.

      So as shown in Animal Farm – some pigs are just more equal than other pigs.

      And so it goes.

  11. proreason says:

    Speaking of phonies….

    Is anybody else getting tired of righteous liberal leaders proclaiming the need for shared sacrifice and who “expects his followers to work” for liberal causes, and 18 months his disdainful spouse pops up in the most expensive resort in Europe with 40 of their “closest friends” for a lengthy vacation.

    Or presidential candidates who declare that they will stop jobs from being sent overseas in their tracks and raise taxes on the rich to make the country fair, and a few years later buy a $7 million dollar yacht from a foreign country which he then docks out of state to avoid a huge tax bill

    Or how about a highly placed ex official of the country who jets around the globe on fuel guzzling private planes prophesizing the imminent destruction of the planet because we use gasoline, but not before his net worth zooms from about a million dollars to close to a billion in about 6 years, all accumulated by shilling his gloom and doom prophesies.

    Or how about an ex-President who leaves office mired in millions of dollars in debt, and a few years later is able to declare a net worth of a hundred million dollars, even though his “work” appears to be giving lectures in Saudi Arabia.

    Or how about a powerful Senator who subverts hundreds of years of standards for mortgage lending which ends up bankrupting millions and sending the country into a depression, but somehow manages to be able to buy a country estate in Ireland, of all places, in addition to his multiple estates in the US.

    Why, it’s almost like there is a pattern in the financial lives of our deeply committed liberal servants in this country.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It’s pretty obvious to those who will just look. I’ve said it before, “There really is nothing new under the Sun” when it comes to abuse of power and position. The Medici, the Romans, the Greeks, the European nations all have it in writing. Now we’re experiencing the exact same type of thing. Those entrusted with the keys to the nation driving around drunk and high and spending all our money on crap for themselves. The Romans had the best solution when an emperor or senator got “too big for their robes”.

      We have no Cincinnatus.

      We have no George Washington.


      Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Perhaps humankind is hardwired to it. Opportunists all of us. Only self-discipline and thorough reasoning will stop it. But we stopped having leaders with character years ago. Now we just have characters.

    • proreason says:

      The fact that the Republicans don’t jump all over the flargrant, over-the-top, arrogant, in-your-face lifestylyes of liberal patrician criminals is telling.

      You would think that what I’ve just said about those 5 gangster bosses would make a pretty compelling ad.

      The robber barons of the 19th century became rich by making steel and building railroads. The oil barons of the early 20th century became fueling the country. The computer magnates of the late 20th century became rich by putting immense computing power in the palm of your hands.

      Now, the path to riches is to to promise to steal money from one group and funnel it to another. And, of course, cogenital, shameless, no-limit lies.

      But the Repubs are quiet as church mice on the topic.

      Sarah Palin could ride this theme a long way.

    • proreason says:

      Fantastic JG. You are now my hero.

      “The theories may prove to be more than just conspiracy talk. Some of the allegations are coming directly from local Tea Party activists who are trying to flag the media and election officials as soon as they smell something fishy on the ballot. And they say they’ve got proof.

      “It’s obvious it’s a Democratic play,” said Jason Gillman, a Tea Party activist from Traverse City, Mich. Gillman, who also authors the blog “Michigan Taxes Too Much” and is running for county commissioner, caused a stir in Michigan politics in late July after he released documents he obtained from state elections officials about the so-called Michigan Tea Party. The documents, he said, showed that of the 23 candidates under the Tea Party name, at least nine of them had affidavits notarized by a local operative for the Oakland County Democratic Party. He said that was the “smoking gun” to prove Democratic involvement — on top of concerns he and other Tea Partiers had that the candidates on the ticket did not have Tea Party backgrounds.

      “Nobody had any idea who these people were,” Gillman told FoxNews.com. “We could at least say, without question, it is the Democratic Party putting it on.”

      The plot thickened after the Oakland County Democratic Party chairman, Mike McGuinness, told The Detroit News that operative Jason Bauer may have crossed the line by notarizing the affidavits. He was quoted saying the activity was not “sanctioned” by the local party, but “we have to assess internally what we do next.”

      Representatives with the Oakland County and Michigan Democratic parties did not return calls seeking comment.

      The Detroit News reported that the Michigan Democratic Party has disavowed any link to the state Tea Party. Gillman said state Republicans and Tea Party activists are currently trying to invalidate at least some of the candidates running under the Tea Party name. ”


      (ps: if you would like this to appear as one of Steve’s headlines, email him. Rush reads Steve’s stuff pretty regularly and links to S&L several times a week. I’d do it for you, but you might prefer to stay low key on this site with nuts like me posting here. :-)

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