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Dems Challenge Pelosi To Extend Tax Cuts

From the Politico:

Democrats challenge Nancy Pelosi on taxes

By: Jonathan Allen
September 13, 2010

Red-district Democrats are pressuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi to extend Bush-era income tax rates for all brackets, revealing a high-stakes rift between the party’s vulnerable moderates and its safe liberals as the issue increasingly dominates the national debate.

POLITICO has obtained a draft of a letter from rank-and-file lawmakers to Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer urging them not to let tax rates rise for Americans at the highest income levels.

"We believe in times of economic recovery it makes good sense to maintain things as they are in the short term, to provide families and businesses the certainty required to plan and make sound budget decisions," the House members write in a letter that was being circulated for signatures on Friday and is expected to be delivered today or Tuesday.

Reps. Jim Matheson (Utah), Glenn Nye (Virginia), Melissa Bean (Ill.) and Gary Peters (Mich.) drafted the letter and are working to gather support, mostly from the moderate Blue Dog and New Democrat coalitions, for at least a temporary extension of the rates for top income earners as well as those in the lower brackets.

Where are all the stories about a ‘civil war’ brewing in the Democrat Party?

Pelosi, who rose to power as a leader of the Progressive Caucus, is her party’s chief advocate for hiking tax rates for folks in the top two income brackets while freezing them for couples making $250,000 or less…

Progressive Caucus is Congress’s euphemism for their Socialist Caucus.

In fact, even as she is getting pressure from her right flank to extend all of the rates, Pelosi is working to rally the rest of her troops around their long-standing plan to allow rates on the highest brackets to rise.

Democrats have invited Stan Greenberg, a well-regarded party pollster and the husband of Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), to address their caucus on Tuesday evening. He is expected to present a case that boosting taxes on the wealthy is popular and would be a winning position for Democrats heading into the stretch run of the campaign

Pelosi’s aides sent out a press release touting a Gallup poll that found that 44 percent of respondents prefer to let tax cuts for the wealthy expire while keeping rates where they are for everyone else, 37 percent said the current rates should be extended for all taxpayers and 15 percent said everyone’s taxes should go up…

Isn’t interesting how selective the Democrats are about listening to polls?

More than two thirds of Americans oppose building a mosque at ‘Ground Zero.’ Do you think Ms. Pelosi cares? 

The Democrats only listen to polls when they have been manipulated to get the results they want. And, of course, they always want to do whatever they can to destroy capitalism.

And never mind that doing so makes it kind of hard to create jobs.

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7 Responses to “Dems Challenge Pelosi To Extend Tax Cuts”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Its amazing how these loathsome creatures are sliding to the right as election time comes around in a desperate attempt to save their cushy jobs. I just hope the general public can see through this though I don’t have a lot of optimism since most people will only remember the last thing they hear.

    Pelosi and the rest of her Marxist cabal are going to go steaming on the same course even though the ship is taking on water and beginning to list to starboard. It’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead she knows since she’s way up in the wheelhouse she’ll be the last to get wet and that’s all she cares about.

    Come on November so we don’t have to look at her evil face anymore. I know the libtards in SF are going to re-elect this witch but she should at least lose her seat as speaker and be in the minority once again, a bad footnote in history.

  2. GL0120 says:

    Why do I have the feeling that this could all be a trick?
    The dems challenging to extend the tax cuts are doing so in an attempt to save their jobs with the full knowledge and blessing of their leaders.
    I’m sick of all the dems running around, denying that they had anything to do with the stimulus or the health care bill; with all of this opposition how did those bills ever pass?

  3. oldpuppydixie says:

    I can’t get past the item about Stan Greenberg married to Rosa DeLauro. Is he a Helen Keller Academy graduate? It CAN’T be alcohol that affected his decision. There ISN’T that much alcohol! I don’t remember having seen a picture of Greenberg. Can he ALSO stop clocks and shatter mirrors? I understand full well that leftists are shameless. But my God…

  4. jimreport says:

    “Red-district Democrats are pressuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi to extend Bush-era income tax rates for all brackets”

    When republicans suggest the same exact thing it gets reported as “republicans holding the middle class hostage to get tax cuts for the rich”.

  5. bill says:

    Extension of the Bush tax cuts only means the status quo — No real change.

    • untrainable says:

      No real change except that the fear level in the business community might drop a bit. Uncertainty is the biggest problem for the dumbocrats this election cycle. Business doesn’t know from one day to the next what the dums are going to do. At least, if the tax cuts are extended, they might have a better grip on where their money will go in the next year.

      Ah, but once they are extended they won’t be the Bush tax cuts anymore. They’ll be called the obama Tax Cuts. Can’t have Bush’s name associated with anything that might in any sense be considered even remotely positive.

      I had a boss like man-boy-king once. She rewrote the entire procedures manual for our department. 500 pages. We were all anticipating a monumental screw-up from the beginning. Turns out that every word was exactly the same as it was in the old manual with one exception. Her name was now at the bottom of every page indicating that she had written the “new” manual. It took her 6 months. She’s probably working in the White House now.

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