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Dems Claim New GOP Rules Will Cost $1T

From the DNC’s online platform, the Politico:

Democrats: GOP rules will cost $1 trillion

By: Scott Wong
January 6, 2011

Top Senate Democrats fired a shot across the Capitol on Thursday, warning that new rules passed by the Republican-controlled House a day earlier would actually “balloon” the deficit by $1 trillion.

Why not say a gazillion? If you are just going to make up scary numbers, why not go whole hog – so to speak.

Republicans, who formally took control of the lower chamber Wednesday vowing a renewed focus on deficit reduction, want to permanently extend estate and income tax cuts for millionaires, give businesses new tax breaks and repeal the health care law — all things that Democrats say will increase the deficit.

How does any of this have to do with the new House rules that were passed yesterday? This is just crazy talk, even by Chuck Schumer’s standards.

“They want to do all this — very nice — but they want to charge it all to Uncle Sam’s credit card,” New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who heads policy and messaging for Senate Democrats, said at a news conference. “They don’t want to pay for it.”

It’s official. Democrats, like sociopaths everywhere, are incapable of feeling shame.

Clearly the dome on the Capitol has been lightning proofed, or Mr. Schumer would have been vaporized on the spot for such Olympian hypocrisy.

By the way, note that Mr. Schumer sees lowering taxes as stealing from "Uncle Sam’s credit card." We thought the American taxpayer was Uncle Sam’s credit card.

A Democratic budget analysis, based on figures from the Joint Committee on Taxation and Congressional Budget Office, found that new GOP House rules would swell the deficit by $1.07 trillion. A CBO report out Thursday revealed that repealing the health care law would increase the deficit by $230 billion through 2021.

As they say, ‘figures lie and liars figure.’ We really do have to worry, though, if the Democrats really believe any of these fantasies.

Schumer, flanked by Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), said GOP efforts to pare back the budget, including cuts to staff salaries, pale in comparison with the amount they would add to the deficit.

We all know just how much Messrs Schumer and Durbin and Ms. Stabenow have abhorred adding to the deficit. In reality, this Democrat controlled Congress spent three times more money last year than was spent the last year Republicans controlled Congress.

In fact, when the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 the national deficit was $8.5 trillion dollars. Now it is over $14 trillion. That is a 65% increase under the Democrat stewardship.

And he declared that the Democratic-led Senate would oppose Republican policies at every turn.

“We’re here today to say these reckless fiscal policies are dead on arrival here in the Senate,” Schumer said. “We’re here to assure everyone that, don’t worry, these things won’t happen because we’re here, and we’re responsible.”

Gosh, it sounds like Mr. Schumer is saying that the Democrats intend to be a ‘party of no.’ Will the media attack them for their obstreperousness? – Just kidding. Of course they won’t.

Still, thank goodness we have Mr. Schumer being responsible and watching out for us taxpayers.

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7 Responses to “Dems Claim New GOP Rules Will Cost $1T”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    The cost of keeping Obamacare is beyond measure. It provides a template for totalitarian control where costs would be endless.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Here is where the socialists in our government will severely miscalculate. They are counting on having the MSM get the lie out that the republicans are the big spenders. Historically, most people are at least somewhat aware that this has never been the case. They’ll bring up the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war, which are firmly ensconced as the boy president’s property as of now. His “promises” to have all the US forces out has not occurred so even the lefty loons will be angry. But, back to the topic at hand: We know we’re going to hear so much spin coming from the MSM that we’ll wonder why our TV’s don’t just start flying about the room. Get ready for some real whoppers out of the mouth of the news babes and the likes of “lights-on-but-nobody’s-home” Brian Williams. And especially from people like Gwen Eifel and Tavis Smiley, a hateful, ignorant former hollywood butt-kisser who got his own show.

    he worked during the late 1980s as an aide to Tom Bradley, the mayor of Los Angeles.


    So, it’s begun and be prepared to hear a lot of whining and wailing from the socialists who deeply want dictatorial rule in the US from a “benevolent” person who will give all “the poor” and “underprivileged” the equal outcomes their little hearts desire.

    Republicans will be trying to kill grandma, the kids, immigrants, etc. The MSM will paint them as Nazis and former KGB agents bent on torturing people. So get ready kids; It’s gonna be a fun ride.

    But I’m fairly certain this overused and lame tactic will run afoul of the general public’s opinion. That is to say, the general public will get sick of the people putting it out there, not of the people who they claim are to blame. And many will wonder about the unfair treatment of republicans vs. democrats when it comes to criticism and judging the job they’re doing.

    • BillK says:

      They are counting on having the MSM get the lie out that the republicans are the big spenders

      Why would this be a miscalculation? The MSM has done this reliably for years.

  3. proreason says:

    Just by being in power, the marxists saved the country a trillion dollars.

    We should have hired 10 times as many.

  4. wirenut says:

    Just one look at the poster child for this “article” says it all. He came to confiscate, not to legislate. Wealth, Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, WHO, needs them? This limp wristed pantie waist/waste libtard is a choirboy for all that is wrong in this country. The reckless use of Chuck-U and “fired a shot” in the same sentence or “article” is even more abysmal. I wretch.

  5. canary says:

    Obama passed another 1 trillion dollar package before Christmas. Perhaps people weren’t watching FOX who told of it or too busy with Christmas. It’s been in the news since early November to push this through.

    And we darn well, Pelosi kept her gravel.

    You could tell by the new House Speaker he did appreciate her joke that he asked for a new larger one, and fondled his chest with all the God Bless yous.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Just out of curiosity…….did the new House Speaker go
      to the “Bill Clinton, Cry on Cue” school?
      He needs to quit this most rickey-tick!!

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