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Dems Could ‘Revise’ Poland Missile Deal

From Russia’s Interfax:

U.S. decision on missile defense elements in Europe could be revised in next Congress – Brzezinski

There is no urgency in the immediate deployment of U.S. missile defense elements in Eastern Europe, former U.S. national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski told Interfax in an interview.

It would be absolutely justified for the next U.S. Congress to again have a critical look at these proposals, Brzezinski said.

Noting that, while it is hard to tell what each candidate for the U.S. presidency will do, Brzezinski said the Congress, with its democratic majority, will be skeptical of this idea.

He also said he knew little about the missile defense elements in question but suggested that they were unlikely to be directed against Russia.

Commenting on Russia’s concerns about Ukraine’s and Georgia’s possible accession to NATO, Brzezinski said Russia should not be wary about that…

This is quite a different tune from the tough talk about Russia from Mr. Brzezinski currently gracing the pages of Time Magazine.

And never mind that we have just signed a missile defense treaty with Poland.

But isn’t it informative to see what the Democrats are telling our enemies behind the administration’s back?

Remember, Mr. Brzezinski is one of Mr. Obama’s top advisors.

And he has also recently suggested that Mr. McCain would start WWIV if elected President.

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