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Dems Cut Funds For Jailing Illegal Aliens

From the Sacramento Bee:

Congress slashes subsidy for jailing illegal immigrants

By Rob Hotakainen
Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009

WASHINGTON – California and other financially strapped states will lose tens of millions of federal dollars that they spend to jail illegal immigrants charged with crimes, under Congress’ latest spending bill.

The $1.1 trillion plan, finalized by House and Senate negotiators Tuesday night, combines six of the large yearly appropriations bills passed by Congress to keep the government running.

State officials and members of the California congressional delegation had lobbied hard once again to increase aid to the states for the program, hoping to cash in on California’s increased clout in Washington this year.

But their efforts fell flat, with the program set to be cut by more than 18 percent…

Overall, spending for the program would fall from $400 million to $330 million for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, or SCAAP, which President Barack Obama had targeted for elimination. It’s a formula grant program that provides aid to states and localities for correctional officer salary costs incurred for jailing criminal undocumented immigrants.

California spends nearly $1 billion a year on the program

Republican Rep. Tom McClintock of Elk Grove said the federal government should be paying the entire bill.

"I think the federal government has a 100 percent responsibility to fund the incarceration of illegal aliens since the federal government has exclusive responsibility over the integrity of our borders," he said.

"Not one of those illegal aliens would be in our prisons today, nor would it have been possible for them to commit their crimes, had it not been for the abandonment by the federal government under Republican and Democratic administrations to protect the integrity of our borders."

It makes sense that Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress would do this.

Illegal aliens can’t vote while they are in prison for some niggling crime.

And of course shutting down our prison system in toto has been a lifelong dream of the Democrats’ sugar daddy, George Soros.

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3 Responses to “Dems Cut Funds For Jailing Illegal Aliens”

  1. proreason says:

    Soros crime theory: if more than 2% of the population does it, it can’t be a crime.

    It save a lot of money on prisons.

    And that money can be redistributed into George’s pockets.

  2. eaglewingz08 says:

    Can we just board the mexican illegal immigrants (or as they are affectionately known in law as ANL PUS) all on a plane with parachutes, fly them over Mexico and then deboard them. Will be cheaper than 1 billion a year, and the other undocumented aliens in Mexico might get the idea that treating the Rio Grande like some free ATM is not a good idea.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    Or, how ’bout we let Sherriff Joe run the jails and prisons and our costs will truly reduce .. and with better service .. they’ll BE JAILS!!!

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