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Dems Cut Off Loyalists, Fund ‘Blue Dogs’

From an unfazed Associated Press:

For House Democrats, politics trumps loyalty

October 16, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — Grasping to keep control of Congress, Democratic leaders are turning their backs on some of their staunchest supporters in the House and propping up stronger candidates who have routinely defied them on health care, climate change and other major issues.

Raw politics — the drive to win a House-majority 218 seats, no matter how — is increasingly trumping policy and loyalty in these decisions, as Democrats shift money and attention in the closing days of the campaign toward races they can win and pull back from those seemingly lost.

Once again we see how import their glorious ideals are to the Democrat Party bosses. In the end it is always about naked power.

The Democrats are shelling out $40 million in 59 congressional districts in the last three weeks of the campaign for TV advertising. Republicans, boosted by well-funded outside groups, are working to expand the political battleground by pouring money into 82 races next week alone.

(The AP just couldn’t resist slipping in the preposterous lie about the GOP’s "outside" funding.)

Feelings are being hurt along the way.

In a fundraising video in Ohio this week, Rep. Steve Driehaus lashed out at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for "walking away" from his race after he "had the guts" to cast tough votes for key measures.

The House campaign arm has in recent days canceled millions of dollars worth of advertising it had planned for Driehaus and other endangered Democrats… All of them voted for President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul and for legislation to curb carbon emissions — only to be savaged by Republicans on the campaign trail for doing so.

It sounds like these Democrat Congressmen have been ‘hoodwinked.’ It sounds like they have been ‘okey-doked,’ even ‘bamboozled.’ In fact, they were ‘Obam-boozled.’

The list of Democratic candidates being lavished with national party help in the final days of the race includes many of the defectors on those marquee votes…

[Two of these candidates] have even said they wouldn’t vote to keep House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in her post. National Democrats are also spending freely to defend [a candidate], who opposed the climate bill and has run TV ads calling it "Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax." …

At the heart of Democrats’ strategy is hard arithmetic. There are only about 170 congressional districts across the nation that will routinely elect liberals, and in the rest, Democrats must field more centrist — and in some cases downright conservative — candidates to win

Gosh, that’s rough.

We clearly need more gerrymandering, so that the Democrat Party doesn’t have to lie so much before every election.

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11 Responses to “Dems Cut Off Loyalists, Fund ‘Blue Dogs’”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Feelings are being hurt along the way.”


  2. mr_bill says:

    Bwahahaha! Didn’t conservatives and everybody except the avowed left predict this a year ago. The common wisdom was that Pelousy didn’t care whose seats she was putting on the line and that by voting for the healthcare bill, they were voting against their own re-elections.

    Most of us realized at the time and I think Pelousy even said she didn’t really care about how many seats it cost her in order to get the votes. Well democrats, your chickens have come home to roost. You brought this upon yourselves and you failed to take heed of the copious warnings, even from your own leader. Now you are twisting in the wind.

    The trouble with liberalism is that sooner or later you run out of other people to screw and then who is left, just yourself.

  3. bill says:

    The lies the blue dogs tell. Should that be enough for voters?

  4. Right of the People says:

    The whole Dimocraptic Party is going to be blue come Nov. 3rd, they already a bunch of dogs. (My profound apologies to dogs everywhere.)

    The Dims are turning cannibalistic. Donner, party of 10.

  5. bousquem says:

    I would rather have the GOP use “outside funds” to put ads out than have the leftist groups bundle their truely outside funds to the DNC and use part of those funds to commit voter fraud ala ACORN and the unions.

  6. untrainable says:

    he “had the guts” to cast tough votes for key measures. Now THAT is funny. He had the guts to vote for legislation that he didn’t even read. He had the guts to bow to the wishes of Princess Pelosi. He had the guts to go along to get along. He had the guts to hitch his wagon to hope and change.

    See what you get for your “courage”? Thrown under the bus by your friends, and tossed out on your A$$ by your constituents !! Moron.

  7. canary says:

    Michelle Obama is still going around saying to “vote early”; such as campaigning w/Obama in Ohio.

    She tells Illinoise to vote early, while Illinoise is late getting ballots to Illinoise U.S. Military Soldiers overseas again! Illinoise was late in the 2008 presidential election.

    And New York U.S. military soldiers of all states which war was declared on will not get their ballots in time.

    Kentucky.Com: GOP’s Kirk wants federal probe of military ballots mailed late
    Lexington Herald Leader

    The controversy over St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney’s late mailing of nearly 1,300 military ballots led Mark Kirk, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, to hold a press conference denouncing Delaney and to press for a federal investigation.

    Delaney has acknowledged that his office waited until Oct. 4 to mail out nearly 1,300 military ballots, including 223 to troops overseas, because of concerns over having to waste taxpayers’ dollars reprinting the ballot. Delaney has blamed…

    Besides St. Clair County, 33 of the state’s 110 election jurisdictions have acknowledged sending out late military ballots,…

    Read more: http://www.kentucky.com/2010/10/15/1481635/gops-kirk-wants-federal-probe.html#ixzz12kkZRCvW

    I think Michelle’s “vote early” push is because the American people are seeing daily failure growth of the health care bill & agenda by the Democrats.


    “… because of concerns over having to waste taxpayers’ dollars reprinting the ballot…” !!!!

    hello, U.S. Military Soldiers pay taxes!!!!
    Delaney & others should be prosecuted for inducing Afghanistan type corrupt voting fraud. There is a cancer growing in the U.S.A.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      vote early…and vote often?!?!?!?!

      But seriously on a related note though, would postal voting be a better way to go to prevent intimidation? As it currently stands, only Oregon and Washington State (minus one county) has postal voting (this year, it began on October 12 and ends on Election Day).

    • canary says:

      Michelle’s ongoing “vote early” advice isn’t too smart, because I changed my vote the day this primary before election, do to last minute things that came out. They change things on their web sites during the process, just as Obama has done in elections.

      I wouldn’t trust the postal service, but they certainly need to make improvements in the system.

    • preparing4theworst says:

      Vote early in Illinois/Chicago is so synonamous with vote often that you don’t even have to finish the sentence

  8. preparing4theworst says:

    ATTENTION REPUBLICAN STRATEGISTS…USE THIS ie Look here, the democrats won’t support this candidate therefore even THEY don’t want him back (in office)…all the more reason to vote for (name of republican candidate) the ads need to come out today!!

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