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Dems Do Politics Of Personal Destruction

From an approving New York Times:


Democrats Unleash Ads Focusing on Rivals’ Pasts

September 25, 2010

WASHINGTON — Democratic candidates across the country are opening a fierce offensive of negative advertisements against Republicans, using lawsuits, tax filings, reports from the Better Business Bureau and even divorce proceedings to try to discredit their opponents and save their Congressional majority.

Is The Times pretending that this is news? Isn’t this how Democrats always campaign? How do they think Mr. Obama got where he is today? 

Opposition research and attack advertising are used in almost every election, but these biting ads are coming far earlier than ever before, according to party strategists. The campaign has intensified in the last two weeks as early voting begins in several states and as vulnerable incumbents try to fight off an onslaught of influences by outside groups.

Where are the cries of about the ‘politics of personal destruction’? Oh, that’s right. That phrase is only used when Republicans point out Democrat foibles.

As they struggle to break through with economic messages, many Democrats are deploying the fruits of a yearlong investigation into the business and personal histories of Republican candidates in an effort to plant doubts about them and avoid having races become a national referendum on the performance of President Obama and his party.

“A yearlong investigation”? This sounds like it was highly organized. In fact, it sounds exactly like the sort of thing Mr. Rahm Emanuel used to do when he was the head at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.

In Ohio, Representative Betty Sutton calls her Republican rival, Tom Ganley, a “dishonest used-car salesman” who has been sued more than 400 times for fraud, discrimination, lying to customers about repairs, overcharging them and endangering their safety. She warns voters, “You’ve heard the old saying, buyer beware!”

In Arizona, Representative Harry E. Mitchell accused his opponent David Schweikert of being “a predatory real estate speculator who snatched up nearly 300 foreclosed homes, been cited for neglect and evicted a homeowner on the verge of saving his house, just to make a buck.”

In New York, Representative Michael Arcuri introduces his Republican challenger, Richard Hanna, as a millionaire who “got rich while his construction company overcharged taxpayers thousands, was sued three times for injuries caused by faulty construction and was cited 12 times for health and safety violations.”

Notice that The Times manages to give these charges a lot of free play.

A debate has broken out among some Democratic officials about the effectiveness — or wisdom — of running such pointedly negative advertisements with five weeks remaining in the campaign. But party strategists said candidates did not have the luxury of waiting until the final stretch to go negative, particularly if the goal is to localize the races

Well, then, as long as it’s justified. After all, the Democrats want to hold onto their phony baloney jobs.

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3 Responses to “Dems Do Politics Of Personal Destruction”

  1. JohnMG says:

    For years I’ve heard it said of the Republicans’ strategy; “Vote for us, we’re not as bad as the other guys”.

    So what do the Dems have to offer? With their track record and the leadership (?) they’ve demonstrated, –nothing. This is all that’s left for them as a strategy; “Don’t vote for them, they’re not as pathetic as we are, but we’re hoping you won’t notice”.

  2. proreason says:

    It won’t work.

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