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Dems Insist On Ramming Through START

From a cheering Associated Press:

Senate Dems push ahead on arms control treaty

By Donna Cassata, Associated Press
December 20, 2010

WASHINGTON – A top Democrat predicted Monday that the Senate will approve a new arms control treaty with Russia, but conceded that it will take "house by house combat" to collect enough votes from recalcitrant Republicans to prevail.

Which begs the question, exactly whose side are the Democrats on?

The comments by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., came a day after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he would oppose the accord, complicating President Barack Obama’s prospects for achieving his top foreign policy priority.

This is such a top priority nothing was done about it in the months since it was ratified back in April up until the very last minutes of a lame duck Congress.

Schumer said Democrats have now picked up the support of GOP Sen. Thad Cochran Mississippi, and said he thinks Democrats will get the 67 votes the Constitution requires to ratify a treaty. He said Democrats will need nine or 10 Republican votes to prevail.

"It’s going to be a real slog, house by house combat if you will," Schumer told ABC’s "Good Morning America." "But I think we’ll be there."

Notice how hard Mr. Schumer is willing to fight tooth and nail — against America and for Vladimir Putin.

On Sunday, McConnell criticized the treaty’s verification system and expressed concern that the pact would limit U.S. missile defense options even though Obama insisted Saturday that the treaty imposes no restrictions on the system aimed at protecting the United States and its allies from ballistic missile attacks.

Never mind that the START treaty’s preamble explicitly links missile defense to offensive weapons. And that the Russians say that they will withdraw from the treaty if the US improves its national missile defense.

And never mind that Mr. Obama has regularly promised to do away with our missile defense programs, anyway. (See YouTube clip above, from back in October 2007.)

Undeterred by McConnell’s opposition, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced Sunday night that the Senate would vote Tuesday to end debate on the treaty and move to a final vote.

"It is time to move forward on a treaty that will help reverse nuclear proliferation and make it harder for terrorists to get their hands on a nuclear weapon," Reid said, adding that the debate soon "will come down to a simple choice: you either want to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, or you don’t."

As usual, Mr. Reid stands the plain truth on its head. The START treaty is focused on downsizing America and Russia’s nuclear arsenals.

If the Russians actually honor the treaty, they will have lots of nuclear weapons and material to dispose of. And who can doubt that they will sell this material to the highest bidder?

A sixth day of debate was scheduled for Monday that included a closed session to discuss intelligence issues.

Wow, six whole days.

The White House and Democrats are determined to win approval of the treaty before January, when Republicans increase their numbers in the Senate, dimming its outlook. During a rare Sunday session of the Senate, Democrats turned back a GOP amendment to change the treaty, which would have effectively killed it…

Democrats expect to get 57 votes from their caucus, with Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., absent next week due to cancer surgery. Four Republican senators — Richard Lugar of Indiana, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine and George Voinovich of Ohio — have said they back the treaty.

Several Republicans said Obama’s letter to congressional leaders Saturday vowing to move ahead on missile defense carried considerable sway.

"It takes care of me," said Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, who indicated he was leaning toward voting for the treaty. Snowe said it was "important for the president to be emphatic with respect to missile defense and modernization" of the remaining nuclear arsenal. Voinovich welcomed the statement

In other words, the usual suspects announce how easily they can be bought. And why Mr. Obama and the Democrats want to ram this through before January. They will be losing several of their most useful idiots.

After several hours of debate Sunday, the Senate voted 60-32 to reject a measure to add language on tactical nuclear weapons to the treaty’s preamble, which would have forced it back to negotiations, dooming the accord. Republicans Bennett, Lugar and Tennessee’s Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander voted with the Democrats. It marked the second time in two days that Democrats had stopped GOP amendments.

The Republicans have to take the path of most resistance and stop this anyway they can.

What is the damn rush, anyway? Does anybody really doubt that if it is in the nation’s interests that the Republican won’t eventually pass it?

The problem is it isn’t in our nation’s interest, and the Democrats know it.

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11 Responses to “Dems Insist On Ramming Through START”

  1. bill says:

    Protect the poor Muslim nations nuclear weapons from mean old Americans … LOL

    They just want their nukes too. Consider the terror threat from an orbiting Iranian nuke. That would be fun.

  2. untrainable says:

    And after the treaty is signed and nobody has nuclear weapons anymore I’m going to ride my unicorn down to butterfly meadow where all the little animals will be singing koombaya. Lame ducks should be shot and put out of our mysery.

  3. proreason says:


    Oh sure, there’s been a debate alright.

    And I’m Wiley Coyote.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    “Nyet, comrade Schumer”
    Off to the Goulag for you!!

  5. Mithrandir says:

    CRISIS MODE!—–It’s the only way to get things done now.

    Don’t read bills, don’t pass budgets….only move because it’s a crisis, an emergency that should have been done last week! We don’t have time for petty political games with all that talk and reasoning and stuff!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Very Romanesque, to include the rampant corruption. Any who held firm that the good of the republic was paramount was silenced or dismissed.

      Seems like deja-vu all over again but, I am carefully optimistic that the new congress will make waves of such proportion that the socialists will be silenced and told to sit down and just play with themselves. All these past decades of social manipulation with the last two years being a resounding crescendo have clearly demonstrated that they couldn’t find their collective ass with both hands. They are a combination of power-hungry simpletons who are also trying to be “all things to all people” while simultaneously trying to beat the conservatives. No single entity in my recollection of history was able to fight and win a three-front war. Additionally, as much as they hate conservatives, they hate each other even more and that much comes out to the clear on a regular basis. They cannot band together because even in their longing for the “great socialist society” they cannot agree on who gets what and how it should be done. There has been a “perfect storm” of sorts in that they seemed united in their efforts to just go against anything the conservative majority of the nation wanted but then they got their faces slapped with an election. I don’t care what any of them rationalize; It’s quite clear why they were summarily dismissed. However, the exceptions to that dismissal still baffle me and I can only think that it’s election fraud. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and don’t believe in “grassy knoll” theories but Reid has me stumped. The vast majority of Nevadans are not that mentally unhinged. The other (more logical) explanation is that the unions, which reside largely in the casino industry, came out in droves and were somehow rewarded for their votes toward the great troll. Who knows?

      In any case, I hope that there is such gridlock in the government that they cannot get anything done; That Obama’s intended use of the poison pen for executive orders gets him impeached and that more revelations about his and his master’s agenda come to the fore. This nation is too great to be brought down by such children. The Japanese Empire couldn’t do it, the Nazis couldn’t do it and the g-damned entire Soviet Union couldn’t do it. And I’ll be damned if a bunch of spoiled brat elitists think they can do as they wish, wipe their ass with the Constitution, treat the people as peons and spend money we don’t have in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. Inside I am screaming “treason” at these people but no one is willing to acknowledge their crimes. They are every bit overt, unashamed activities and they flick their boogers at us and laugh.

      What they really are is a bunch of smartasses who think they will always be on top. How fun it will be to see them knocked into obscurity. Does anyone remember the names of ALL the Roman senators who were in power throughout the ages? No. Just a few standouts…basically those who were remarkably gifted or principled or both. These cretins we have in power are rank amateurs….mere poseurs to include the president who thinks he’s some sort of gold-plated orator and “gifted”. To bastardize a phrase, “The rumors of his grandiosity were greatly exaggerated.”

      What is it about this nation that thinks marketing is reality? Why can people not recognize crap when they see/hear it anymore? Why is PT Barnum proven so correct so much of the time? What is it that parents teach their kids? “It’s ok to believe that, it’s probably true….never question anything that comes from a source of authority or one that seems to be….they have all the credentials and you would be wrong to argue against them”. Isn’t that anathema to what the hippies were laying on thick in the 60’s? “Question authority” was their mantra, no? Why then must we be absolutely smitten when they tell us the earth is gonna melt in a couple of years, that CO2 is deadly and that drilling for oil is evil?

      It’s a mental illness, I tells ya. And I’ll bet societies all through the ages from Alexandria and before have always had these kinds of people. If enough people do not take the time to examine the facts, or are denied that opportunity, then they are ignorant dupes. And what’s the main goal of any scam? TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. Oldest game in the book, even before books existed. The bigger the game, the bigger the take. So government has become infiltrated with grifters and crooks who will do/say anything to get more of your money. Yet, what’s in it for the news agencies that don’t reveal the truth and the lies unless it’s a republican who says it? What, exactly, is the mechanism there from which they benefit? Do they get a cut of the proceeds? And if so, how? I really don’t know. Unless it comes in the form of government grant money. Reward for spreading the lie.

      So this is where we are. And one final thought….while the nation was busy being built….there seemed to have been a larger number of people with strong character. Without a growing nation, it would seem that internally, the game now becomes how to sap the money tree for one’s own satisfaction. Hopefully, the new representatives will hold to their principles and not let the DC elites woo them into compromising them. That’s my biggest fear. Tell them NO, keep saying it and don’t go to any cocktail parties with any DC elites….at all. Ever.

  6. Mae says:

    I’ve mixed your titles, Steve:

    Dems Insist On Ramming Through START
    Senate Puts Open Homosexuality In Army
    AP Sobs: Some DADT Restrictions Remain

    Senate Puts Open Ramming in Army. Dems Insist Sobs START.

  7. canary says:

    Department of Defense’s main focus will be on Sustainability (UN Agenda 21 under ICLEI)


    All branches have new jobs. Here’s an example for the U.S.Marines Corps

    “Power (RSEP) technology will be key to meeting future US Marine Corps Forward-Deployed Enhanced Company Operations needs and future USMC and DoD platform power needs well into the future. It is envisioned that RSEP concepts will employ sustainable energy strategies, energy storage, and liquid fuels, in a hybrid concept, to generate power for expeditionary operations. Fuel-to-electric energy conversion will accept both military logistics fuels and biofuel blends.”


    Federal Summit 2010
    103: Strategies and Case Studies from Three Branches of the U.S. Military
    This session will provide detailed case studies from the Air Force, Army and Navy on how they have implemented sustainability measures at both the individual building and installation level. The topics covered will include: transformation of the Air Force to implement high-performance green design objectives; research conducted by the Army and the National Renewable Energy Lab to show prescriptive energy efficiency design strategies and features for their primary facility types, and sustainable military installations, featuring the Guam Joint Military Master Plan.

    Don’t forget Obama’s slogan, such as at Andrew Air force Base.
    The nation that leads in environmental sustainability leads the global world in economy. We must surpass China. They know how to put chemicals in the sky to cause snow. Do you suppose California’s recent record in inches of snow, means Cali might be using the same chemicals, or is the snow a bad thing. Since they are the most advanced in sustainability it can’t be caused by global warming gone awry.

    • canary says:

      Interesting that the federal government gave in and allowed a very large piece of land with a lake categorized under “wetlands” preservation that citizens fought to preserve, allowing a large muslim compound to be built with one the of the largest mosques in the U.S.

      There was plenty of land to keep the lake, but instead it was drained for a sustainable underground shelter for muslims only, under the compound. Quite a wall around the compound. Don’t think it could be scaled easy.

      You see, many muslims do the mecca pilgrimage in Iran, and countries all over the world, who can’t make it to Saudi Arabia. And soon, the ritual following the throwing stones, of slaughtering goats and cattle will make America stink too. And we already have a problem with the illegal Mexicans who dig holes in the ground to cook pigs, goats. Dogs? No the illegal Mexicans cut your dogs into little pieces and leave on your porch to warn you not to call the sherrif, or poison your dogs so they can break into your homes. Where is the cowardly PETA?

  8. MinnesotaRush says:

    “… to provide for the common defense, …” FAIL

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