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Dems May Back Off ‘Middle Class’ Tax Vote

From a relieved Politico:

Democrats may back off tax vote

By: David Rogers
September 22, 2010

Going into a pivotal caucus Thursday, Senate Democrats show more and more signs of losing their nerve and backing away from earlier plans with the White House to force a vote on middle-class tax cuts prior to November’s election

So the Democrats are going to raise taxes on the ‘middle class’ as well as ‘the rich’ after all? Gosh what a surprise.

As recently as Tuesday evening, Reid had told POLITICO he was “working hard for a vote,” most likely next week.

Of course this is the same Harry Reid who somehow managed to have a vote on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and the “Dream” amnesty bill. He clearly has his priorities.

But the mood grew more negative Wednesday, with Reid being warned away from proceeding unless he was convinced of having the 60 votes to break a Republican filibuster

So if they don’t vote it will be the Republicans’ fault. Naturally.

“This may take a while before we sort this out,” conceded David Axelrod, a top adviser to the president. But Axelrod told POLITICO that Obama remains fully committed to the issue and was prepared to raise it even in the face of high-end taxpayers at a fundraiser in New York on Wednesday night

Making the fight — even to this point — has contributed to the recent improvement for Democrats in public polls, Axelrod suggested. And he said House Republicans risked hurting themselves in their attacks on the president’s “Making Work Pay” tax breaks in the Recovery Act – also impacting working class and middle income families.

Which is to say that Mr. Obama is still committed to demagoging the issue by trying to play the ‘middle class’ off against ‘the rich’ for political advantage before the elections.

Of course no Democrat anywhere has any intentions of letting anyone deny the government its money.

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