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Dems: Path To Citizenship (Voting Booth) A Must

First we have this from a cheering Politico:

In meeting, Democrats say path to citizenship is a must

By SEUNG MIN KIM [sic] | July 9, 2013

Congressional Democrats are drawing a firm line in the immigration debate: No reform without a path to citizenship.

We already have a path to citizenship. So this is no problem. In fact, our current path to citizenship is by far the most generous in the world. As China’s official news outlet, Xinhua, has pointed out, every year "the US allows more legal immigrants to become permanent residents than the rest of the world combined."

What the Democrats want is a shortcut to the voting booth.

The four Democratic members of the Senate Gang of Eight pressed that point to their House counterparts in a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning, and attendees made it clear that without a pathway to citizenship, immigration reform won’t happen.

“Who among us wants to be a second-class citizen?” Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said, according to an aide in the room…

Doesn’t Mr. Menendez know that his own bill creates thousands upon thousands of green card holders and people in the US on work visas? Why is he trying to create so many second class citizens?

But if citizenship is a must, why don’t we just mandate that all of these amnestizos become citizens?

Schumer, appearing more fired up than usual, told reporters afterward that if House Republicans head into bicameral conference negotiations with legislation that doesn’t include a pathway to citizenship, it will be a “path to a cul-de-sac to no immigration bill.”

“Look, I don’t want to get emotional about this, [but] America has stood for citizenship,” Schumer said. “We have a Statue of Liberty here. It never has said ‘you come here and you’ll be second class.’ We will not stand for it.”

Once again, the Gang Of Eight bill creates a vast number of non-citizens. It also does not secure the border, so that we will still have a huge illegal alien population. (The CBO says it will only cut illegal immigration by 25%.)

Not to mention the number of illegal aliens who will fail their background checks. Or the millions who will refuse citizenship, anyway.

Something Byron York has pointed out at the Washington Examiner:

What will happen to the missing millions of immigration reform?

By BYRON YORK | JULY 9, 2013

Depending on which estimate you accept, there are about 11 million, or maybe 11.5 million, illegal immigrants currently in the United States. Much of the ongoing debate over comprehensive immigration reform has focused on what to do with them…

But… nobody believes all of the 11 million, or 11.5 million, currently illegal immigrants will apply for legalization if the reform envisioned by the Gang becomes law. Both the Congressional Budget Office and the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration calculated that only about eight million people will be awarded Registered Provisional Immigrant status in the period after immigration reform is passed.

That leaves three million, or perhaps three and a half million, illegal immigrants who won’t become part of the new, reformed system. That’s a big number — about one in every four illegal immigrants in the U.S. today. What happens to them?

Will they be deported? Will they stay in the shadows? Will they eventually win an amnesty? Right now, no one seems to know…

We know. Nothing will happen to them. They will continue on just as they have. And, as we just mentioned, the number of illegals will really be far higher, since even the CBO says that the Senate bill will only cut illegal immigration by 25%.

“There would seem to be three options,” writes Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which strongly opposes the Gang of Eight bill. “They’d all be deported; they’d leave of their own accord — self-deportation — because of E-Verify (though it wouldn’t be retroactive  under the Gang bill, so it would apply to them only if they were to change jobs); or they’d just wait around for the next amnesty, which is the guaranteed outcome.”

Krikorian believes there is zero likelihood that two million people will be deported. That seems a reasonable assumption. And it’s true that implementing the E-Verify system, even if it overcomes business opposition, lack of administration support, and perhaps court challenges, will take years. So it seems likely that a large number of currently illegal immigrants will just stay in the United States — still “in the shadows.” The Senate never debated this specific issue…

Even though we are supposed to believe that amnesty has to be rammed through because ‘living in the shadows’ is a fate worse than death.

And the problem could be even more serious. Krikorian points out that after the 1986 Reagan immigration reform, one of the men who would in 1993 take part in the first attack on the World Trade Center applied for amnesty as a farmworker but was turned down. “With no provision for removing people who were rejected, he just stayed.”

Now, there are serious questions about those who will just stay if another immigration reform law is passed. The Gang of Eight never answered those questions. And they remain unanswered today.

In reality, the Democrats don’t want to shut off he flow of illegal aliens. They want to keep a steady stream feeding the government dependent underclass.

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2 Responses to “Dems: Path To Citizenship (Voting Booth) A Must”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Why? Why is it a must?

    What does this say to these folks?


    It says “You’re a chump. You followed the rules, spent what it takes and did it the prescribed way. You’re the chump.”

    I’m attracted to Americans by temperament, not by mere birth

  2. Enthalpy says:

    As has been mentioned before, “Congressional Democrats are drawing a firm line in the immigration debate: No reform without a path to citizenship.” You can rest assured that Democrats would not be wasting their time if any of these prospective citizens were coming to America to vote Republican. We’d have the damndest fence ever built to keep Hispanics out of our country. The fence would rival that of Israel’s-make no mistake.

    Of course, Schumer insists that their gang plan is the answer. Of course it is- it turns over the care and feeding of all of those Hispanic Iimmigrants to non-profits like the United States Citizenship Foundation. Betsy McCaughey said that this function is now handled by the federal office of Immigration, but they can’t indoctrinate the newcomers like the NGOs, SEIU, and NAACP.

    “Our side” continues to be led by the Senate brain trust under the watchful eye of John McCain, U. S. Naval Academy ’58, 894th in a class of 899. God help us!

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