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Dems Prepare (Hope) For A Recall Recount

From a fingers-crossed Politico:

Wisconsin recall: Democrats prepare for recall recount

By: Robin Bravender
June 4, 2012

Brace yourself: Wisconsin Democrats say they are preparing for the event that the hotly contested recall race could drag on for weeks, or even longer.

Floating the prospect of a recount is, of course, a message that bolsters the party’s claims that the race is closer than people think and that it will go down to the wire — despite polls showing Walker with the lead.

Of course, the Politico’s mission here is to remind the Democrat base that they don’t have to win. They only need to get close enough to demand a recount.

For as we all know, when there is a recount, the Democrat almost always win. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election back in April 2011 being a rare exception to that rule.

But even that experience probably just taught the local Democrats to try harder the next time.

Yet there’s reason a recount can’t be so easily dismissed.

Walker can’t seem to break his 50 percent ceiling of support among Wisconsin voters. His ballot support has hovered at either 50 percent or 49 percent in 12 of the 14 polls released since early May, and recent polls show the race tightening in the final stretch.

Even though, as we have previously noted , a recent poll from Angus Reid Polling has Walker ahead by 53% to 47%.

By the way, Walker was able to beat Barrett back in November 2010 by a margin of 52% to 46%. But you can’t expect the Politico to go back a year and a half into ancient history.

Naturally, the only poll the Politico cites is from the Democrat front, Public Policy Polling, which is so far left it also polls for the SEIU and the Daily Kos.

And even the PPP poll says Walker is still ahead of Barrett by 3%, which is more than their margin of error. But the Politico and the Democrats’ hope is that the final count will be within 5%, so they can demand a recount.

“We’re very much anticipating that there’s a chance that we could be in a recount scenario,” said Mike Tate, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He said the party will have more than 440 lawyers in the field on Tuesday “doing election protection activities but also tasked with recount preparation, making sure that we know where absentee ballots are at, making sure that we have a strong handle on what’s happening out there.”

"Election protection activities" is Democrat speak for ‘election fraud.’

The deeply polarized Badger State also has fresh experience with an excruciatingly close race. JoAnne Kloppenburg requested a recount last spring after losing a Wisconsin State Supreme Court race to incumbent David Prosser by less than 0.5 percent. The recount had Prosser leading by about 7,004 votes in that race, which was seen as an early referendum on Walker’s efforts to curb collective bargaining rights.

Kloppenburg penned an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the wake of the recount, saying the scrutiny uncovered “significant and widespread errors and anomalies” in the election process

Of course. There is always fraud when a Democrat loses.

There just isn’t any other explanation.

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5 Responses to “Dems Prepare (Hope) For A Recall Recount”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Obligatory effort to overturn the will of the people.

  2. mr_bill says:

    “…doing election protection activities but also tasked with recount preparation, making sure that we know where absentee ballots are at, making sure that we have a strong handle on what’s happening out there.”

    This means there are operatives positioning the boxes of democrat ballots to be “found” later, once they know how many votes they will need to usurp the election. The Dept. of [Social] Justice will be there to ensure there is no way to appeal against the democrat fraud.

  3. finebammer59 says:

    in under two hours after the wisconsin polls closed, fox calls the recall for walker. and it’s not close. 60/40. ditto the lieutenant gov.

    so much for a recount.

    in the “exit” polls, it was tight. but when real votes are counted, the truth comes out.

    got your exit poll right here.

    right. here.

  4. DoctorRock says:

    And there is much celebration tonight at Fort Rock. On ABC’s 11:00 news tonight, they waited ’till 11:15 and gave us three sentences:
    1) “Scott Walker will be keeping his job.”
    2) He cut spending, blah, blah, blah…
    3) But in the exit polls, Obama is eleven points ahead!
    This afternoon Rush was hoping for a win outside of the “margin of larceny”, and it looks like we’re there.
    I for one can’t wait to see what happens next. Like Ann Coulter said, “I think it’ll be fun to be the party of
    opposition for a while”. Out of the mouths of babes. Cheers to the S&L crew, let us savor the moment,
    and take heart that this is the beginning of the end.

  5. Anonymoose says:

    If anything should make people question their membership in the Democratic Party it’s this. I can’t get over how many liberals are all in favor of these antics, yet would scream to the Heavens if the same tactics were pulled on them. What if a bunch of Republicans had fled the state just to obstruct the due process of legislation? You can bet the media would be demanding trials and jail time for them all.

    One of my liberal friends had posted why it was “okay” for corporations to lobby but not for the “people” to collectively bargain, and it was all I could do to keep out of a knock down fight with him. This isn’t about the “people,” it’s never been about the common man. It’s all about the unions trying to barter more money for themselves.

    I knew the recall vote was going for Walker when you could hardly find any mention of it in the news. Only Fox seemed to notice it. I just hope the final tallies are enough that the recount method won’t work this time. Yeah, it is odd every time there’s a recount they only find Democratic votes……

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