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Dems Protect USDA/Mexico Food Stamp Program

From the Daily Caller:

Senate Democrats block effort to end USDA/Mexico food stamp promotion partnership

By Caroline May | March 15, 2013

During the Senate budget committee’s Thursday markup of the Senate budget resolution, Democrats prevented an effort to block funds for the Agriculture Department’s “partnership” with the Mexican government, which is aimed at promoting nutrition assistance programs among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

In a party-line 12 to 10 vote, the Democrats on the committee rejected a proposal to prevent funding for such endeavors from ranking member Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has spoken out against the program in recent months.

“Contrary to sound policy, the United States is spending money advertising food stamp benefits in foreign consulates,” Session’s staff said in a Thursday evening press release. “This amendment would prohibit any funds from being spent on this controversial promotion campaign.”

So the ‘draconian’ sequester cuts won’t even do away with outrageous programs like this. Which is really just an advertising campaign to get more illegal aliens on food stamps.

Until recently, the USDA’s partnership was relatively unknown, with only a few mentions of it in public agency materials…

You have to wonder who many more ‘unknown’ programs there are out there. If only we had a free press that would investigate corruption in our government.

The markup was the committee’s first budget markup in four years under Democratic leadership…

Which is exactly why the Democrats don’t want to have real budgets. They have to publicly defend programs like this. Whereas, under ‘Continuing Resolutions,’ all programs are automatically funded at their current levels, adjusted for inflation and population.

Meanwhile, and not co-incidentally, we have this from the New York Post:

Food-stamp use doubles

By CARL CAMPANILE | March 15, 2013

The number of New York City residents receiving food stamps more than doubled over the past decade under Mayor Bloomberg, according to data released yesterday.

Now, 1.8 million receive food stamps, a jump from 800,000 in 2002, the Independent Budget Office data show.

IBO spokesman Doug Turetsky cited more aggressive outreach to enroll eligible recipients by the Bloomberg administration, in comparison to his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani.

The cost of the federally funded food-stamp program in the city skyrocketed to $3.4 billion from $1.28 billion over the past decade.

So the number of users has doubled and the costs have triple? That makes sense.

In any case, Mr. Bloomberg, like all good Democrats, will see this as a success story.

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2 Responses to “Dems Protect USDA/Mexico Food Stamp Program”

  1. canary says:

    Florida attempts to ban food assistance cards from being used at strip clubs, casinos, and liquor stores

    The Daily Caller: Florida lawmakers look to ban EBT use at strip clubs, casinos, liquor stores

    Those enrolled in food assistance programs or on temporary cash assistance generally access those benefits via EBT cards, which work like a credit or debit card.

    The legislation, according to Smith, was a direct result of a section of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012.

    “It has always been my agenda to make sure that if anybody is going to use tax dollars, it’s used to help,” Smith told The Daily Caller. “In that, not only are we in compliance with the federal government, but our tax dollars will be used to help people who really need help — and not for personal entertainment.”

    “We have no ability. We have no laws in which to say — you can’t use your card here, here or here,” Florida Department of Children and Families spokesman Joe Follick told Action News at the time.

    Update: An earlier version of this story referenced the bill as filed.

    The provision banning EBT use in gun shops was stripped out in committee.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/15/florida-lawmakers-look-to-ban-ebt-use-at-strip-clubs-casinos-liquor-stores-and-gun-shops/#ixzz2NdXvk8wE

  2. GetBackJack says:

    “Because those lousy Koreans, Chinese and white trash Europeans who fall on hard times don’t put up a block of votes like the wetbacks do.”

    Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi, overheard at the Fairmont Hotel, Washington DC

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