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Dems Put 20 Bills In Lame-Duck Session

From The Hill:

Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session

By Alexander Bolton – 09/28/10

Democrats are considering cramming as many as 20 pieces of legislation into the lame-duck session they plan to hold after the Nov. 2 election.

The array of bills competing for floor time shows the sense of urgency among Democratic lawmakers to act before the start of the 112th Congress, when Republicans are expected to control more seats in the Senate and House

Yes, they is still so much destruction that might be left undone.

The highest-profile item for November and December is the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, passed under President George W. Bush, which expire at year’s end.

Democrats have promised they will not allow tax rates to rise for families making less than $250,000 a year.

What a laugh. In December we will all be treated to the report from Mr. Obama’s ‘blue ribbon deficit commission,’ who will insist that the country needs to raise all taxes on everyone (except of course ‘the poor’), in addition to adding new taxes, such as the VAT.

The Bush tax cuts will be a distant memory once we are apprised of this new crisis.

Democratic leaders have also prioritized the defense authorization bill, which includes a repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bans gays from serving openly in the military.

Yes, this is certainly a vital issue for our country.

Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the chamber’s second-ranking Democrat, has promised to push for a vote on the DREAM Act, which would give the children of illegal immigrants a chance to earn legal residence

Yes, the Democrats will be even more determined to create more party members if they have been recently trounced. 

Democratic leaders also view an extension of unemployment insurance benefits and a freeze in scheduled cuts to doctors’ Medicare reimbursements as must-pass legislation

Again, they will want to bind more potential voters to the party for 2010. Of course they have already given up on getting any votes from doctors.

Conservative Blue Dog Democrats in the House may demand the cost of the so-called doc fix to be offset with spending cuts.

Another laugh. And never mind that PAYGO is supposed to be the law of the land.

If Congress returns to Washington the week after the election and works right up until Christmas, it would have six weeks to pass legislation — assuming a week off for Thanksgiving, as is tradition.

Which is plenty enough time for Congress to do more irreversible damage to our once great nation.

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7 Responses to “Dems Put 20 Bills In Lame-Duck Session”

  1. proreason says:

    Like juvenile delinquents breaking the school windows because they were held in detention for a day.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    But this entire notion was only being talked about supposedly because it was the hyper-paranoid rabble of a bunch of ignorant rubes.

  3. oldpuppydixie says:

    Reid, San Fran Nan and Hussein have HIGH HOPES for the lame duck session. Defeated dems will be DELIGHTED to screw the nation/people who just threw them out of office and RINOs who have been defrocked and de-horned in primaries will gleefully join in the carnage. So WOE to those pathetic “little people” for daring to stand up for their rights. We will get “ours” just in time for Christmas!

    • proreason says:

      There is some hope.

      There are likely to be dozens of blue dog democrats who might be reelected because they pretended they weren’t democrats. They will be reluctant to vote for insanepelosireid agenda in the lame duck session. 218 votes are necessary. The Republicans have 178, and they have shown good discipline. They need 40 Blue Dogs (or other fearful DimDems). It’s not likely, but possible that some of the insanity can be avoided.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    More stupid dog tricks by the jackass party and the frump, Pillousi.

  5. American Mom says:

    American Citzens call each Democrat and ask them why with over 20 months of ultimate control and power in the congress, the Senate, the Pres. why is it that the Democratic party who knew tax cuts would be expiring NO SURPRISE HERE ,ask why in 20 months they could not vote on it?

  6. confucius says:

    Is a quorum required for Congress to conduct business? And if so, what is it?

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