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Dems Remove God, Jerusalem From Platform

From The Weekly Standard:

Dems. Remove Pro-Israel Language from Party Platform

By DANIEL HALPER | Tuesday Sept 4, 2012

In the 2008 Democratic party platform, there was this language on Jerusalem, Israel:

Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. The parties have agreed that Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations. It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.

This year, however, that language has been removed. Indeed, there is no mention of Jerusalem in the 2012 party platform adopted by Democrats…

In other words, ‘blah, blah, blah.’ But it is nothing like Mitt Romney’s pledge to return the capital to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, we have this from CBN:

Exclusive: Democrats Drop ‘God’ From Party Platform

By David Brody | Sept 4, 2012

Guess what? God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform.

This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform:

“We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

Now the words “God-given” have been removed. The paragraph has been restructured to say this:

“We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth – the simple principle that in America, hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.” …

For the record, in the Democrat platform of 2008 God was mentioned once, in 2004 seven times, and in 2000, four times.

Still, we all know government is the Democrats’ only real God. And they will have no other gods before it. And government gets mentioned plenty of times in their platform. In fact, government is all it talks about.

Meanwhile, Dick Durbin refused to explain why Jerusalem and God have been removed from his party’s platform. (See clip above.) Instead, Mr. Durbin attacked Fox News’ Bret Baier for asking about the revisions.

Durbin, who says he wrote several Democrat platforms, now says the Democrat platform doesn’t matter because "party platforms "are the most unread documents in American."

Which isn’t what we heard last week, when everyone in the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party were talking about the Republicans’ platform.

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3 Responses to “Dems Remove God, Jerusalem From Platform”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Matt 7:23 – – Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    In a perhaps cynical point-of-view, the craven people of the socialist party lack something inside that they can only get by being raised up and “made gods” themselves. This, of course, was one of Rome’s biggest blunders but it did seem to perpetuate for some centuries. Then, the European Monarchies, whereby the biggest, baddest land-barons had the money to buy armies and declare themselves gods as well.

    Watching Prince Charles’ “tribute” to the queen on PBS *, I noted the insertion of how the monarchy is “ordained by God.” On that basis alone, I come close to being sick.

    *I watched it only because I think the queen conducts herself with poise and without arrogance. I think the role has truly humbled her and in many cases, she has risen to the task of statesperson, to put on the best face that Britain can, while simultaneously acknowledging her position is granted her by her nation’s own people. The rest of the family can go suck eggs.

    Add to that the whole royalty bit…which to me is putting on very expensive paint on a barn that should’ve been torn down ages ago.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Obama saves 50,000 people from threat of weather by avoiding
    20% chance of rain and removing rally from BOA Stadium.
    Wow! What statesmanship! (Also taking care of all the empty
    seats that were projected. Stop the busses!)

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