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Dems Seek To Discredit Republican On NLRB

From a delighted Politico:

Dems: IG probing NLRB allegations

By: Tim Mak
December 5, 2011

An investigation has been opened into whether a Republican member of the National Labor Relations Board received improper enticements to resign and incapacitate the agency, according to Democrats on the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

So much for privacy. Of course there is no such thing a privacy for Republicans. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

“We understand that the [NLRB] inspector general has opened his own investigation into these matters, apparently based on information he has received, and we will await the results of that investigation,” Aaron Albright, a spokesperson for the Democrats on the Education and the Workforce Committee, told POLITICO in a statement.

And you wonder why our education system and workforce are in the state they are in.

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the committee, had previously suggested Brian Hayes, the only Republican member currently serving on the NLRB, may have received “private requests” to resign in order to incapacitate the board and prevent it from passing new labor regulations, potentially favorable to unions and Democrats.

“I am concerned that any decision to resign prematurely will be the result of objectionable motives or improper influence,” wrote Miller in a statement two weeks ago.

So this investigation was begun simply on the say so of a partisan Democrat hack who is a notorious stooge of the labor unions? (But we repeat ourselves.)

By the way, where is the crime, even if these allegations are true?

The inspector general’s office would not confirm or deny whether an investigation is ongoing because of privacy concerns but said it is aware of the allegations.

So there is no confirmation of this investigation, apart from the Democrat machine. But that is good enough for the Politico.

And, again, What "privacy concerns"? This is a Republican.

“Dave Berry, inspector general of the National Labor Relations Board, confirmed that his office is aware of allegations concerning possible enticements offered to board member Brian Hayes to resign his position. The allegations that were raised would naturally concern an inspector general at any agency.

Why exactly? Unless we are talking about bribes, which even the Democrat union stooges have not mentioned.

However, the NLRB’s inspector general does not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation,” NLRB spokesperson Nancy Cleeland told POLITICO.

Hayes is one of three members of the NLRB, and the only Republican. Since the NLRB requires three members to function, his resignation would have stalled new regulations which Republicans have opposed.

Which is certainly a tactic the Democrats would employ if the situation was reversed.

Last Wednesday, Hayes announced at an NLRB meeting that he would not quit. “It is not my nature to be obstructionist,” he said. “I believe resignation would cause the very same harm and collateral damage to the reputation of this agency.”

But there will be an investigation anyway. After all, all you need these days to discredit someone a Republican is an allegation.

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10 Responses to “Dems Seek To Discredit Republican On NLRB”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Maybe Mr. Obama will fire this IG like he did the one that was investigating his and Michelle’s buddy Kevin Johnson. And maybe this time will give him 30-days notice and notify Congress as is required by the 2008 Inspector General Reform Act that Mr. Obama co-sponsored (perhaps the only thing Obama did as a Senator).

    Then again, I am forgetting IG’s are political tools meant to punish your enemies.

  2. artpa says:

    I heard this suggested weeks ago, democrats were going to push through fast-track unionization via committee. The only way to block it was for all the republicans to resign from that committee, thus creating no possible quorum.

    This is a good thing, and i doubt it took any bribe, there’s plenty of better committees.

    • Papa Louie says:

      Instead of resigning, Republicans should have done what Democrats did in Wisconsin. That is to continue drawing a salary while hiding out in another jurisdiction so no work can get done. It’s a more cowardly way of doing it, but it’s a strategy that Democrats would have a hard time complaining about.

  3. canary says:

    College Universities classes are assigning Student Teachers grads to enforce outrageous assignments for children to complete for grades. Example requiring essays that violate our childrens’ Constitutional Rights requiring to write essays that our Constitution is I quote and capitalize as one teacher’s typed assignment handed out your thesis must “COMPLETELY DISAGREE” with…..fill in the blank. It’s darn right communism making children write communist arguments they don’t agree with.
    And now! teacher is complaining to parents too many children didn’t get their essay in. So, we’ve got to blame the Universities and Colleges for the teachers they are turning out, that are given assignments
    that are to brainwash our children and irrelevant to the class.

    I don’t understand the taboo of saying “socialism or socialist” when I use “communism” freely when
    one is forced in a communist education environment in order to get an education without discipline
    or harm to grades which the Obama Dept of Education is micro managing.
    Our childrens’ privacy is violated as their information and the essays they are forced to lie on are given to Universities and colleges as via internet. What good is shredding when in it’s sent via internet.
    Our education system went to heck the moment Obama won the primary and I am now seeing it at the worst ever in U.S. History. Property taxes sky rocketing every year (isolated education vote days are not well attended) add Federal Stimulus money, lottery money, yet the schools are broke and an extreme shortage of teachers.

  4. Chrispbass says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way….I don’t believe the Great O has done anything positive for this country but he is not the cause of the decline of our education system. Did he hurt it? Possibly, but it’s been wrecked for decades.

    • untrainable says:

      I don’t remember children being forced to sing songs about how great Jimmy Carter was.
      I don’t remember decades ago any teachers asking 3rd graders about who their parents were voting for in the presidential election, and then berating them because their parents weren’t voting for Carter.
      I don’t remember children being forced to sing the Mexican national anthem as part of their spanish class. (I took German and they didn’t make us read Mein Kampf either)
      I don’t remember T-shirts with the American flag being banned because they might offend students from other countries.

      Obama may not be absolutely and totally responsible for the decline of the American educatinal system. However, his policies, his politics, his attitudes, and his view of America as a lazy, unfair, evil colonialist country where nothing is fair unless the government makes it so, have created an environment where fringe views are the norm and critical thinking takes a back seat to the marxist brainwashing that has become so prevalent today. Did he do it alone? No. But I don’t believe any single person has contributed more in such a short time to bring education into the marxist fold.

    • canary says:

      Chrisbass, Obama is directly and indirectly responsible for the decline of our education system.

      We can start with this top of Dept of Education Arnie from Illinois who requested separate schools for
      homosexuals and bisexuals (ooohh. no ” – ” separating bi-sexual)

      His Justice Dept did nothing about those in the teachers union illegally using membership dues to get him elected.

      Obama has signed new requirements for schools to receive Federal Stimulus Funds.

      mandatory volunteer work
      participate in school “leadership” programs
      free “dinner” now for students.
      His infamous public lecture nationwide that schools watched had Obama assignments to complete for all grades. What green thing can you do?

      federal stimulus money if the schools make improvements such as Chinese classes (schools have ghost classes on paper);

      National Certification which is measured by teachers who come up with off the wall assignments
      and use their imagination to make children work them such as raise funds for a teachers project outside the school program.

      And here’s another twist.

      Not just federal stimulus money for schools who make improvements, but there are rewards for schools who let their standards fall and show they need the money more than other schools.

      Schools tricking students to take environmental science under the belief it’s a core science class when it’s not…yet.

      Now schools are getting federal stimulus money for showing poor grades. So, presently, the trend has changed from the schools showing the U.S. Dept of Education the improvements to now showing students are failing on the scales and need money.

      Also, as I said it’s the Universities and Colleges who get federal grants that must follow new propaganda in those
      who major in teaching.

    • canary says:

      And some private religious (non Christian) are receiving federal aid and awards.

  5. Chrispbass says:

    How do I reply to a particular message?

    Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with you on Obama’s education record all i’m saying is that the decline of GOOD American educational systems started way before Obama’s time. His record is akin to kicking someone when they’re down, not knocking someone down.

    Bass player and father of 2 homeschooled kids ;-)

    • DW says:

      How do I reply to a particular message?

      Chris, you can either click on “Reply” if it appears under the message, or what might be easiest and least ambiguous, is to do what I’m doing here:
      Copy and paste the message you want to reply to -it helps to italicize it or put to original posters name at the start of it -then have at it.

      Hope that’s helpful.

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