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Dems, Unions Push $23B Teacher Bailout

From The Hill:

Liberal House Dems, unions push for $23B fund to save teacher jobs

By Walter Alarkon – 06/06/10

Soon after Congress returns from the Memorial Day recess, liberal House Democrats and teacher unions will make one last push to pass a $23 billion fund to prevent teacher layoffs.

Union teachers, that is.

Democrats are looking to package the fund with war and disaster spending in a supplemental appropriations bill the House will vote on as early as this week.

And by “package” they mean ‘bury.’

The House approved the teacher fund in December as part of a jobs bill, but that legislation stalled in the Senate. With lawmakers wary of moving big spending measures, the upcoming bill may be the last vehicle that could carry the teacher money before the November elections.

If it is such a good thing, why not trumpet it before the November elections? Or our the Democrats and the unions trying to ram through something else that they realize the voters do not want?

Democrats in the House pushing for the fiscal aid warn that up to 300,000 teachers could lose their jobs soon because the $44.5 billion in fiscal aid in the 2009 stimulus bill is running out.

Goodness knows these unionized teachers would never accept a slightly reduced salary or benefits package.

"At the same time, states are still facing bleak budgetary outlooks and may very well have to cut funding for education in order to balance budgets," Democratic Reps. Maurice Hinchey (N.Y.), Phil Hare (Ill.) and Bob Etheridge (N.C.) wrote in a letter. "If Congress does not pass additional funding for education jobs soon, many of the jobs that have been supported by [the stimulus] will be lost."

Lest we forget, these stimulus jobs were supposed to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure – not go to bailing out the pension plans of public sector union employees.

The letter was signed by 104 other House Democrats, the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association unions, and other public education groups. The teacher fund has gotten public backing from Education Secretary Arne Duncan and senior White House economist Christina Romer

House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) is including the teacher money in a $86 billion package that also has $37.5 billion for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and related State Department operations, $13.4 billion for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, $5.7 billion for Pell grants for college students, $2.8 billion for Haiti aid, $677 million for increased security at the Mexican border and $275 million for aid for the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Look at the priorities here. If we would secure the Mexican border we might not need so many teachers.

Most of the money isn’t offset and would increase the deficit because it’s considered emergency spending

In other words, Congress is once again flouting its own self-imposed PAYGO rules. What a shock!

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2 Responses to “Dems, Unions Push $23B Teacher Bailout”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    This “Save the Teachers’ Jobs!” plan is nothing more than the ever extending of unemployment benefits. Because teachers don’t MAKE money, but perpetually LOSE money, the bailout will be needed in the future as pay raises and benefits continuously rise.

    ~Teach 180 days / year
    ~Every weekend off
    ~Every holiday off
    ~3 months vacation off
    ~Christmas vacation off
    ~Spring break off
    ~Teach 60% of the day because 40% of the time, kids are in special classes
    ~Automatic pay increases
    ~No job performance reviews
    ~Retirement pension
    ~Health care covered

    Yep, sounds like a government job alright….

  2. U NO HOO says:


    “A rule etched into the decades-old Pennsylvania School Code bars districts from laying off teachers for financial reasons.”

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