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Dems Want $3.4 More Spending, $1T New Taxes

From the New York Times:

U.S. Budget Deal in Doubt; Obama’s Trip to Hill Reveals Split

By JEREMY W. PETERS and ASHLEY PARKER | March 13, 2013

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s meeting with a restive and resistant House Republican majority on Wednesday underscored their deep divisions over fiscal policy as both sides acknowledged that an overarching budget compromise was in doubt despite a new push by the White House.

One day after Republicans rolled out a detailed proposal aimed at eliminating the federal deficit through steep cuts and repealing many of the president’s accomplishments, Mr. Obama told them pointedly in a rare visit that their highest fiscal priority was not his.

“Our biggest problems in the next 10 years are not deficits,” the president said, according to accounts from the meeting, bluntly rejecting an idea that has become Republican fiscal dogma…

“Well, he doesn’t want to balance the budget in 10 years, and he wants tax increases, and he wants new spending,” Representative Darrell Issa of California said as he left the meeting early. “But other than that, we’re close.”

The hour-long discussion at the Capitol, and the release of a new budget by Senate Democrats on Wednesday that adds $100 billion in new stimulus spending and would impose higher taxes on large corporations and wealthy Americans, illustrated anew just how difficult it will be to resolve the issues that have split the Congress for years and created a perpetual cycle of deadline-driven short-term fiscal policy.

The Times neglects to mention that the Democrat budget actually adds $1 trillion dollars in new spending over the next ten years. In fact, it is more than that, since the Democrat budget also ends the sequester, thereby adding another $2.4 trillion in spending back to the budget.

So, all told, the Democrats want to increase spending by $3.4 trillion and increase taxes by another trillion. And they say this is sustainable. They say a $3.4 trillion dollar increase in spending and a trillion dollar increase in taxes will boost the economy.

How can anyone compromise with such insanity?

Senator Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat and Senate Budget Committee chairwoman who outlined her budget on Wednesday, summed up her party’s objections to Republican austerity measures, which Democrats have said rob the country of needed investment.

“Deficit reduction at the expense of economic growth is doomed to failure,” she said…

Because spending like drunken sailors has done so much for our economy. Just look at the last four years, which have brought us the worst economic ‘recovery’ in the nation’s history.

Under their budget, Senate Democrats would have the government running a deficit of nearly $600 billion in 10 years…

This not true, at least according according to the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee. They say that under Murray’s budget the government would spend $2.2 trillion more in 2023 than in 2013, which is a 62% increase.

But when have Democrats ever worried about such niggling details?

Underlying the conversations was a deep mistrust among rank-and-file House Republicans, who feel the White House has vilified and ignored them for the more than two years they have been in power. On the budget, Republicans expressed the belief that they thought the president was purposely withholding the release of his budget (it is now more than five weeks late) so he could first beat up on Republicans for theirs.

Gee, do you think?

“Almost every question had some grounding in the question of trust,” said Representative Cory Gardner of Colorado. “You’re meeting with O.F.A. tonight, after you come and play nice with us, what’s happening? And so there were a lot questions about what’s happening and how it can work in that atmosphere.” …

If there were ever any questions about how shallow this gesture was, Obama’s subsequent visit to his Organizing For Action thugs should put that to rest. OFA was created to attack and demonize the House Republicans in the run up to the 2014 mid-terms. That is its only purpose.

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2 Responses to “Dems Want $3.4 More Spending, $1T New Taxes”

  1. untrainable says:

    Wow! Obama spent a whole hour “discussing” the budget. I’m impressed. That’s more time than he spent with his job council for the entire year before he disbanded it. I think in Obamaspeak, that qualifies as a “laserlike focus” on fiscal matters. I’m sure glad he’s willing to put so much of himself into this effort.

    So when do we start carving his face onto Mt Rushmore?

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