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Dems Want Cancellations To Be After Mid-Terms

From the New York Times:

With Enrollment Slow, Some Democrats Back Change in Health Law

By ASHLEY PARKER and MICHAEL D. SHEAR | November 13, 2013

WASHINGTON — Anxious congressional Democrats are threatening to abandon President Obama on a central element of his signature health care law, voicing increasing support for proposals that would allow Americans who are losing their health insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act to retain it…

A vote is scheduled Friday in the Republican-controlled House on a bill that would allow Americans to keep their existing health coverage through 2014 without penalties.

In other words, the Democrats are threatening to support a plan that would allow voters to keep their old (wicked) insurance until after the upcoming elections. But whatever happened to all that talk about how Obama-Care is ‘The Law Of The Land,’ and so impossible to change? Whatever happened to all that talk about delaying anything in Obama-Care being ‘terrorism’?

Suddenly, it’s not terrorism when they do it.

The measure, drafted by Representative Fred Upton, the Michigan Republican who is the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, is opposed by the White House, which argues that it would severely undermine the Affordable Care Act by allowing insurance companies to continue to sell health coverage that does not meet the higher standard of Mr. Obama’s health care law.

But something tells Obama will be big and accept this delay, if it will help the Democrats win control of Congress.

But a growing number of House Democrats, reflecting a strong political backlash to the rollout of the law, are warning the White House that they may support the measure if the administration does not provide a strong alternative argument…

Meaning, they would also settle for subsidies for people who get cancelled. So they can buy the votes they need for the mid-terms.

In a closed-door meeting Wednesday of House Democrats and White House officials, tensions flared as several lawmakers upbraided the administration, saying that the president had put Democrats in a tough political position by wrongly promising consumers that they could keep their existing health care plans.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of Americans have received cancellation notices from their insurers because their health care coverage does not meet the minimum standards dictated by the new law…

And by "hundreds of thousands" the New York Times means millions.

The overall message of the meeting, said several attendees, was that the White House and the House Democratic leadership have until Friday to come up with a satisfactory alternative, or House Democrats may be forced to support Mr. Upton’s bill, which already has two Democratic co-sponsors: Representatives John Barrow of Georgia and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, who represent more conservative districts…

A similar proposal, which would allow people to keep their current health insurance permanently, is also drawing support in the Senate under an effort led by Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana. Ms. Landrieu said she remained committed to her bill, despite White House expressions of reluctance to embrace a legislative fix. Still, the White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said Wednesday that the Landrieu proposal “shares a similar goal to what the president has asked his team to explore.” …

In other words, Obama will probably sign such a bill. Which should tell you that it’s bad for the Republicans.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said Wednesday that he had had “quite a long conversation” with the president on Tuesday evening about the health care law, as well as other issues, and would be holding a special Democratic caucus meeting on Thursday with White House officials to discuss the next steps…

Hence, Obama’s announcement about Obama-Care today.

White House officials said they recognized the need for Democrats to vent their frustration about the health care problems. Mr. Carney said that the dissatisfaction felt by Democrats on Capitol Hill “is similar to the frustration that the president feels.”

But, after all, what can he do? Obama is just a victim of Obama-Care just like everyone else.

But they continued to oppose Mr. Upton’s bill, saying it would create more problems than it would solve.

“Intentionally or not, the bill would not just address the problem,” Mr. Carney said, adding that it would “essentially allow insurers to sell new plans that are substandard and potentially undermine the central promise of the Affordable Care Act.”

And you remember how Obama constantly promised us that ‘if we had an substandard insurance policy, he would take it away from us,’ don’t you? 

We don’t either.

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One Response to “Dems Want Cancellations To Be After Mid-Terms”

  1. Astravogel says:

    The Laws are what our rulers say they are. I guess
    we didn’t get to keep our Republic. Sad. We ignored
    our Rights and they went away.

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