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Shooter In Denver Safeway Rampage A Muslim

Now here is a shock.

From the ABC affiliate the Denver Channel:

Victims, Suspect In Safeway Shooting Rampage Identified

Gunman Tentatively Identified As Michael Ford

June 26, 2006

DENVER — An investigation is under way to determine why a Safeway warehouse employee walked into work and opened fire on his coworkers Sunday afternoon, killing one person and injuring five, including a Denver police officer.

The suspect, identified as Michael Julius Ford, was shot and killed during a shootout with SWAT officers inside the massive Safeway Denver Distribution Center, located near Interstate 70 and Colorado Boulevard.

He shot randomly at coworkers, and when he shot SWAT officer Derick Dominguez, the other SWAT team heard Dominguez cry out, and fired back, police said.

"(Ford) was unprovoked and shot Officer Dominguez — unprovoked. That’s when the other officers came to Dominguez’ aid and were shot at," Denver police Chief Gerry Whitman said at a Monday afternoon press conference. "They were exchanging quite a few rounds in there … He shot at us six times and we returned fire 17 rounds. It was a gun battle that he started."

Ford’s mother and sister told a local TV reporter that Ford was a kind, caring person, who wouldn’t hurt anyone but that he said he was being teased at work because he’s a Muslim and he couldn’t take it anymore.

However, police said that they couldn’t find any motive for the shootings and not heard about the possible religious conflict that his family say provoked the attack.

Safeway spokesman, Jeff Stroh, said that there were no early signs of any trouble.

"In all of our investigations yesterday and this morning, we can find no problems of any kind that were brought forward involving Mr. Ford. None whatsoever, " Stroh said. "No complaints to supervisors. No calls to the employee assistance program hotline. Nothing whatsover to predict this kind of outcome."

Stroh said that the company has a program that offers a 24-hour hotline to help employees with personal or work-related issues.

Michael Ford

No. Nothing predictable about this at all.

(Maybe we should replace "going postal" with "going Muslim.")

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