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Depardieu: We No Longer Live In Same Country

From an outraged Associated Press:

French paper says actor Gerard Depardieu wants to surrender passport in dispute over taxes

By Elaine Ganley | December 16, 2012

PARIS – Gerard Depardieu, one of France’s best-known actors, has chastised his country’s Socialist prime minister for insulting remarks over his decision to move to tax-friendly Belgium and said in an open letter published Sunday that he’s turning in his passport.

The letter, which the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche said was penned by Depardieu, quickly propelled him into the spotlight, not for his acclaimed acting skills but for raising the sensitive issue of tax exiles as France looks to fill state coffers with a stiff tax on the rich.

"We no longer have the same country. I’m a true European, a citizen of the world," Depardieu wrote in the letter. He said his 2012 tax bill — 85 per cent of his revenue — is fully paid.

Depardieu, who turns 64 this month, said he has worked since the age of 14, first as a printer, and that in last 45 years he has paid €145 million ($190 million) in taxes.

"I hand over my passport to you and my social security card, which I have never used," the letter said, referring to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault…

The world needs more Depardieus.

The letter drew quick reaction but little sympathy.

Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti said she was "scandalized" by Depardieu’s decision to turn in his passport. "French citizenship, it’s an honour," she said on BFM-TV. "It is rights and duties, too, among them to be able to pay taxes." …

David Assouline, a spokesman for the governing Socialist Party, said of the actor: "He’s playing his worst role."

But Depardieu said in the letter that he is leaving his country because the government "considers that success, creation, talent … should be sanctioned." …

In an upcoming movie to be directed by Abel Ferrara, Depardieu will portray former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who fell from power on claims by a New York hotel maid of sexual assault. Charges were dropped and a civil settlement was reached…

There is some irony there somewhere.

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One Response to “Depardieu: We No Longer Live In Same Country”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Listen to the thieves berate the victim.

    Those who have been given the trust of the people to be guardians of the public treasury, the borders, the defense of the republic and the day to day operation of it, are the worst criminals of all the criminals, and yet when the victims finally have the courage to liberate themselves from the tyranny, the corrupt have nothing but disgust and contempt for them.

    The political abusers are never the ones who take the time for introspective analysis, soul-searching, or any sort of epiphany that would conclude any fault of their own. Instead they quickly throw stones, wildly gesticulate, and distract from anyone else who might come to a negative conclusion about their destructive policies.

    There is nothing PROGRESSIVE about destroying progress. –About rewarding the losers in society. –About propping up failures and calling it compassion. –About punishing the Little Red Hen’s of the world who had the courage and tenacity to make their own bread.

    I applaud Depardieu who decided to stop being an ENABLER to the system that exploited and abused him since he was 14, and continues to do it as he shuts the door behind him.

    Bravo, et merci

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