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Deporting Criminal Aliens Called ‘Profiling’

From the North Texas Star-Telegram:

Adriana Portillo (right), 13, of Irving was among more than 1,000 people who gathered Wednesday at Irving City Hall to protest the increasing deportation of local immigrants.

Deportations lead to protest

Thursday, Sep. 27, 2007

IRVING — Shouting matches and a few scuffles punctuated a boisterous demonstration Wednesday against the city’s Criminal Alien Program, which has led to more than 1,000 deportations this year.

About two dozen counterdemonstrators waded into a crowd of thousands at City Hall. Soon people were screaming at each other, and police escorted some counterprotesters away.

Sgt. Jack Page said two counterprotesters, a brother and sister in their 60s, were arrested on suspicion of assault. He said one scratched a demonstrator and another grabbed a demonstrator by the throat.

Carlos Quintanilla organized the protest against the police program, in which officials screen all inmates for possible referral to federal immigration authorities. He urged the crowd to boycott Irving businesses and to call the mayor to demand an end to deportations.

About 2,000 people formed a ring around him. Fierce arguments erupted in their ranks, mostly breaking down along Anglo-Hispanic lines…

Racial profiling alleged

According to Irving police, 1,373 people have been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, this year, leading the Mexican and Salvadoran consulates and Hispanic activists to cry foul and accuse the city of racial profiling.

Only about four illegal immigrants were identified in the city jail a month before the Criminal Alien Program began in September 2006, according to information Police Chief Larry Boyd gave the City Council.

About 52 a month were being identified when the program started, and up to 130 were identified per month by April, according to the chief. Mayor Herbert Gears said up to 300 a month have been identified in recent months.

City and police officials have denied that they are engaging in racial profiling and said that all people arrested in the city are screened for possible referral to ICE when they are booked into jail.

Gears said most of the people turned over to ICE were arrested on suspicion of driving without licenses. Quintanilla and other activists said Hispanics and their neighborhoods are being targeted…

Anna Maria Negrete of Irving, left, holds a corner of the United States flag at a demonstration on the steps of Irving City Hall protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Honestly, did you ever think you would see the day when illegal aliens would have the temerity to protest the deportation of criminals from our country?

Meanwhile, what here is what the Star-Telegram thinks is important about the story:

You see, in the bizarre world of our liberal media, removing illegal aliens who have committed crimes makes us the bad guys.

Also note that the only arrests mentioned were those of two counterprotesters in their 60s.

Meanwhile, how many illegal aliens proudly defied our laws?

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