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Shocker: Crying Works, Hillary Wins In NH

From an elated Associated Press:

Clinton and McCain pull off upsets in NH

By DAVID ESPO and PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writers

CONCORD, N.H. – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary Tuesday night in a startling upset, defeating Sen. Barack Obama and resurrecting her bid for the White House. Sen. John McCain powered past his Republican rivals and back into contention for the GOP nomination.

Clinton’s victory capped a comeback from last week’s third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. It also raised the possibility of a long battle for the party nomination between the most viable black candidate in history and the former first lady, who is seeking to become the first woman to occupy the Oval Office…

After Iowa, Clinton and her aides seemed resigned to a second straight setback. But polling place interviews showed that female voters — who deserted her last week — were solidly in her New Hampshire column.

She also was winning handily among registered Democrats. Obama led her by an even larger margin among independents, but he suffered from a falloff in turnout among young voters compared with Iowa.

Word of Clinton’s triumph set off a raucous celebration among supporters at a hotel in Nashua — gathered there to celebrate a first-in-the-nation primary every bit as surprising as the one 16 years ago that allowed a young Bill Clinton to proclaim himself “the comeback kid.”

She had 39 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary to 37 percent for Obama, who is seeking to become the nation’s first black president. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina trailed with 17 percent. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was fourth, polling less than 5 percent of the vote…

Clinton’s performance came as a surprise even to her own inner circle.

In the hours leading up to the poll closing, her closest advisers had appeared to be bracing for a second defeat at the hands of Obama.

Officials said her aides were considering whether to effectively concede the next two contests — caucuses in Nevada on Jan. 19 and a South Carolina primary a week later — and instead try to regroup in time for a 22-state round of Democratic contests on Feb. 5.

These officials also said a campaign shake-up was in the works, with longtime Clinton confidante Maggie Williams poised to come aboard to help sharpen the former first lady’s message. Other personnel additions are expected, according to these officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity while discussing strategy…

Some upset, given that Hillary was leading in the polls by more than 15 points up until the last two days.

Still, tears work. And it was with crying that Mrs. Clinton got the Oprah voters back. (Not to mention all the bussed in union thugs.)

Expect to see a lot more of the “softer side” of Hillary Clinton.

Of course we knew it was all a dream. (Or, to be more precise, a phony construction to allow Mrs. Clinton to claim to have overcome such tremendous odds.)

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