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Detroit’s Mayor Sent To Jail – Guess Party

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Detroit mayor ordered jailed after bond violation


DETROIT (AP) — A judge ordered Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to jail Thursday for violating the terms of his bond in his perjury case, a decision the judge said he would have made for any “John Six-Pack” defendant before him.

The mayor, who is accused of lying under oath in a civil case and faces eight felony counts, made a trip across the Detroit river to Windsor, Ontario, on city business last month without informing the court in advance, leading the county prosecutor’s office to request Kilpatrick be punished.

Only minutes earlier, the mayor offered an apology to the court, telling District Court Judge Ronald Giles that for seven months, “I’ve been living in an incredible state of pressure and scrutiny.”

But Giles sent the mayor to jail anyway, telling him he would have given any defendant the same treatment.

“What matters to me though is how the court overall is perceived and how if it was not Kwame Kilpatrick sitting in that seat, if it was John Six-Pack sitting in that seat, what would I do? And that answer is simple,” he said.

Circuit Court Judge Thomas E. Jackson said he wouldn’t hear an appeal by Kilpatrick’s lawyers until 9 a.m. Friday, meaning the mayor was to spend the night in jail.

The Detroit mayor’s chief of staff, Kandia Milton — who was appointed deputy mayor six days ago — will run the city of 900,000 in Kilpatrick’s absence, the mayor’s office said in a statement….

If you should read the entire article, please once again note the near ubiquitous practice of our watchdog media.

As we have mentioned numerous times before, today’s “journalists” seldom if ever mention the party affiliation of Democrat evil-doers.

And yet they somehow manage to note in the headline and lede the political persuasion of any Republican perp.

Why is that?

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