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Devotees Protest Killing Of Sacred Bull – In UK

From India’s Zee News:

Devotees say govt desecrated temple by taking away sacred bull

London, July 27: The Skanda Vale temple authorities have reacted strongly after their sacred bull Shambo was forcibly taken away for slaughtering, saying the Welsh Assembly government has committed the “most violent and ignorant act of desecration” of the temple and destroyed an innocent life.

Six-year-old Shambo, which tested positive for bovine TB, was taken away by health officials last evening after police were drafted in to remove protesters.

The freisian, officially registered as bullock UK 742266 200001, was expected to be taken to a local abattoir for a lethal injection. It ends a protracted legal battle which started when a TB test returned positive in April.

The forcible removal came after the community finally lost their high court fight on Monday.

In a statement, temple authorities said last night the police dragged protesters away and stopped a ritual act of worship, broke open the door to the room in which Shambo had been isolated and led him away.

“Amid the chanting and worship of the many emotional devotees, local police and veterinarians from the Welsh Assembly broke the peaceful vigil held at Skanda Vale in Carmathenshire to drag innocent Shambo away for slaughter, even as emotional devotees continued to chant and sing,” the statement said.

One of the temple monks, Michael, said: “The Welsh Assembly government has committed the most violent and ignorant act of desecration of our temple and destroyed an innocent life.”



Isn’t diversity grand?

In other tuberculosis news, from the BBC:

US TB man released from hospital


A US man who sparked an international health scare when he flew from Europe despite having a severe form of tuberculosis has left hospital.

Doctors said lawyer Andrew Speaker was no longer contagious but would need to take antibiotics for two more years.

Officials say he was advised against travelling at the time but he insists US doctors said he was not contagious.

Mr Speaker has been in isolation since his return. He was found to have a less serious form of TB than first thought.

Mr Speaker was initially diagnosed with extensively-drug-resistant, or X-DR, tuberculosis. Further tests found he had the multi-drug-resistant strain, which is still severe but easier to treat.

‘Not cured’

Doctors at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver, Colorado, said Mr Speaker was healthy enough to return home to Georgia on a commercial flight, but he decided to fly on an air ambulance to avoid raising “undue public alarm“.

After eight weeks in hospital, Mr Speaker was not completely cured, the hospital said.

He had surgery to remove part of a lung with a tennis-ball-sized lump of infection.

Although we believe there are still a few tuberculosis bacteria in his lungs, ongoing antibiotic therapy should kill those,” said Dr Gwen Huitt, director of the hospital’s adult infectious disease care unit.

“We expect him to return to a full and active life.” …

Apparently there is no downside to ignoring the CDC and other authorities when it comes to international travel.

That’s good to know. 

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