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IG: DHS Released 617 Illegals, Despite Criminal Records

From Sharyl Attkisson via the Daily Signal:

More Than 600 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Released in U.S.

Sharyl Attkisson / August 12, 2014

More than 600 convicted criminals, including felons, were among thousands of illegal immigrants freed under the Obama administration in advance of 2013 budget cuts mandated under sequestration. That’s according to a new report today from the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security.

This is old news to our readers. But it is nice to have it officially confirmed by the IG of the DHS.

The report provides a scathing portrayal of budget mismanagement and flawed processes at the highest levels inside the nation’s immigration enforcement agency.

The atmosphere leading up to sequestration in early 2013 was politically charged. President Obama claimed the automatic budget cuts would hurt the economy, health care and emergency responders, and that federal prosecutors would have to “let criminals go.” …

Which was all the dog whistle his acolytes at DHS needed to open the gates.

During the three weeks leading up to sequestration, from Feb. 9 to March 1, ICE released 2,226 immigrant detainees—617 of whom had criminal convictions. Approximately 1,450 were freed the last weekend before sequestration. The field offices that released the most criminal convicts include Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago…

It was Radha Sekar, ICE’s chief financial Officer, who decided on the “sharp and immediate reduction in detention bed space,” according to the IG... About a week before sequestration, Sekhar notified the White House Office of Management and Budget of ICE’s funding problem and requested $22 million. But ICE inexplicably moved forward with the mass releases without waiting to hear whether the White House would provide the requested funds that would make the releases unnecessary…

Why wait for an answer? He knew he was doing Obama’s bidding.

In March 2013, when the Associated Press reported the administration had released more than 2,000 immigrants over a three-week period, Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano stated the AP story was “not really accurate” and that it had developed “its own mythology.”

“Several hundred [releases] are related to sequester, but it wasn’t thousands,” Napolitano stated incorrectly on March 4, 2013. Nine days later, ICE director John Morton testified to Congress that his agency had, indeed, “released 2,228 aliens” (later revised to 2,226)…

Today’s IG report states, “We obtained no evidence ICE sought or received guidance about the timing or nature of the detainee budgetary releases from [Napolitano] or the Executive Office of the President.” …

Again, this doesn’t need to be ordered by Obama. His acolytes run the bureaucracies. They know what he wants and when he wants it. (Cf. the IRS’s targeting of the Tea Party.) …

Sens. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and John McCain, R-Ariz., requested the IG review.

Otherwise it would have never happened. Goodness knows our media watchdogs were never interested in the story.

Speaking of which, this is how the Associated Press is reporting this news:

Report: White House didn’t OK immigrant releases

By ALICIA A. CALDWELL | August 13, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Government officials decided to release more than 2,000 immigrants facing deportation in 2013 strictly for budget reasons and didn’t tell the Homeland Security secretary about the plan, according to an oversight report.

The lack of communication led the Obama administration to wrongly deny for weeks that 2,228 immigrants facing deportation had been released, according to a harshly critical, 41-page report Tuesday from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general." …

Isn’t it reassuring to see how quickly Obama’s ‘first responders,’ his media minions, arrive on the scene to stamp out any potential fires?

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