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DHS: Protestors Are Disrupting Aliens’ Medical Screening

From a cheering Reuters:

More Central American migrants sent to California despite backlash

By Dana Feldman and Marty Graham | July 3, 2014

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) … Families and unaccompanied minors have been fleeing strife-torn Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras and streaming by the thousands over the U.S.-Mexico frontier with the help of human smuggling rings…

And the unstinting help of the US government.

Protesters on Tuesday had blocked three buses carrying the first group of 140 migrants headed to Murrieta, forcing the caravan to turn around and head to another Border Patrol station in San Diego for processing there instead.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, in an interview with MSNBC, said he found television images of that demonstration "very disturbing" to watch.

"Because of the recent influx of kids and families crossing the border in the Rio Grande sector, our processing capability (there) is full and we’ve had to go to other places in the Southwest simply to process these people," Johnson said. "So when someone interrupts the ability of the border patrol to process a migrant, you’re preventing us from conducting basic health screening and the basic background checks on who these people are," he said.

What an unmitigated lie. None of these illegal aliens are being given real health screenings or real background checks. It’s not physically possible, given the numbers involved and the time frame and the lack of medical personnel. And how do you do background checks on people who don’t even have documents from their own country.

This is just an attempt by the Obama administration to turn the health risks from this invasion on its head, and to use it against the protestors who want to keep all of these illegal aliens out in the first place.

Immigration officials said most of the families headed for California were likely to be released under limited supervision to await deportation. Many would to be placed with relatives or friends or in temporary housing provided by charity groups…

And never mind that nobody is checking to find out if any of these families or friends are legit. In fact, we know that they are almost all illegal aliens. So how do we know they aren’t part of the coyote network?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said authorities were being especially careful to avoid disclosing the whereabouts of the detainees "so that mobs can’t go down and root out those people". …

Which is outrageous. We are being literally invaded, and our government is protecting the invaders. And, of course, our news media a acting as co-conspirators.

Can anyone remember a time in the history of the world when the leaders of a country sided with the invading force? (Even Quisling wasn’t this bad.)

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One Response to “DHS: Protestors Are Disrupting Aliens’ Medical Screening”

  1. Petronius says:

    “you’re preventing us from conducting basic health screening and the basic [criminal] background checks on who these people are” – Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Secretary

    So they were going to dump these “migrants” into California BEFORE screening them for diseases and criminal history.

    How nice. So very thoughtful.

    And instead his answer is to insult and attack the people of California who have the courage to stand up and protest this outrage.

    Unbelievable. Absolutely incredible.

    And how exactly do you perform a background check on undocumented migrants who are undocumented even in their own homelands, and who (such as our friend Gilberto) don’t even know their proper name, age, or date and place of birth?


    And why hasn’t this miserable excuse for a president been impeached?

    • He has violated his oath of office. See the US Constitution, Art. II, sec. 1.
    • He has failed in his duty that he “shall [not may, but SHALL, which is mandatory] take care that the laws be faithfully executed. See Art. II, sec. 3.
    • He has failed to protect the States against invasion. See Art. IV, sec. 4.
    • He has committed acts of treason. See Art. III, sec. 3.

    If only the Republicans were an opposition party. But they’re not. They’re Nerobama’s caddies.

    The time for tea parties is past.

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