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Did ‘Josie’ Repeat Account From ‘Bogus’ Facebook Post?

From Breitbart:

Hoax? Facebook Posting from ‘Darren Wilson’ Details Shooting

By Warner Todd Huston | August 17, 2014

There are still a lot of stories swirling around the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last week, and to add to the din is a Facebook posting purportedly by officer "Darren Wilson" that seems to corroborate some previously reported information. However, others claim the posting is a hoax…

[On] Sunday afternoon a Facebook post claiming to be from the officer who shot Brown, officer Darren Wilson, reported a similar story as the bystanders in the video:

my friends and family have been afraid to put out what really happened due to the severe threats.but here is the truth of what happened. as much as i can tell you at this point.

they were walking in the middle of the street. i pulled my vehicle up, rolled my window down and told them to get out of the street. they refused an yelled back cussing – saying they were already almost where they are going.

i pulled further up and over. i was watching them and at that point i got the call in that there was a strong arm robbery. the description they gave was the same as the two and they had something in their hand that looked like it could be the cigars.

i backed my car up and tried to get out of my car, but they slammed my door shut to prevent me from getting out. i started to get out again and stood up, but michael came and started to shove me back in to the car. he started punching me in the face and at that point i grabbed for my gun

michael grabbed for the gun. he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. the gun goes off after it is shoved. michael took off and got to be about 35 ft away

my first protocol is to pursue, so i yell "freeze" , michael and his friend turn around. michael taunts and yells saying "what are you gonna do about it" stuff like that. And next he started bumrushing me. he just started coming at me at full speed so i started shooting. he kept coming. i definitely think the toxicology report will show that he was not right and under the influence of something

this is my account of what happened (at least, what I can openly share at this point). much of what you will hear on Tv and radio is very inaccurate. i will be deactivating my page shortly so please copy this to share the truth. i appreciate your support – especially from my police family

However, CNN News Editor Ryan Sloane claims that CNN confirmed that this Facebook account is a fake and does not belong to the real officer Wilson. Sloan did not elaborate on how CNN confirmed this nor link to a story discussing the matter.

Ryan Sloane [tweeted]: "CNN confirms this Facebook post claiming to be written by Ferguson PD Ofc Darren Wilson is **FAKE**"

There seem to be no posts on Wilson’s alleged Facebook account from before the incident, though one post claims previous info was deleted due to the controversy…

Yet another twist in this disgusting soap opera.

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One Response to “Did ‘Josie’ Repeat Account From ‘Bogus’ Facebook Post?”

  1. mr_bill

    Somebody call Dan Rather. I’m pulling the “fake but accurate” card on this one.

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