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Did Obama Delay Rescue To Avoid Any Conflict?

From Front Page Magazine:

Obama Let Benghazi 4 Die, Rather than Defy Libyan Authorities

By Daniel Greenfield | November 11, 2012

FOX News continues to do invaluable work by investigating Benghazigate and Jennifer Griffin and Adam Housley have a new article which raises serious questions about the so-called “Timeline” as well as continuing to pursue the question of why the Benghazi were allowed to die by the Obama Administration.

The Jennifer Griffin article is available here.

Now Obama had no problem bombing and invading Libya to prevent a fake massacre in Benghazi whose existence he lied about in a speech to the American people. But he did have a problem sending troops into Libya to prevent an actual massacre of Americans against the wishes of the Al-Qaeda linked Libyan authorities.

The closing paragraph says it all,

According to a source who debriefed those who were at the CIA annex that night, “When they asked for air support, they were told they could have an unarmed drone.”

Any show of air power was clearly off the table. The CIA rescue team chartered a plane too small to use. US rescue teams coming from outside the country were only allowed to enter by the Libyans after all the fighting was done.

That unarmed drone was sent over by General Ham. Meanwhile the rescue op moves as slowly as possible. “It isn’t until 2:53 a.m. (about five hours after the incident began) that those orders are formalized by Panetta and the teams are told they can leave.”

The Pentagon says that the European-based team of rescuers landed at Sigonella air base at 7:57 p.m. on Sept. 12, more than 20 hours after the attack began and 40 minutes after the last survivor was flown out of Tripoli on a U.S. C-17 transport plane.

What cannot be confirmed is what time that team could have been outside Libyan air space. The Pentagon won’t say when they took off from Croatia.

Multiple defense sources say that the plane did not have permission to enter Libya. That permission would have to be secured from the Libyans by the State Department.

And so the rescue was effectively delayed, by both the Libyans and Obama’s cronies, until there was no chance that they would be drawn into a firefight at the CIA annex.

The team was most likely flying on a modified MC-130 P Talon 2. A modified C-130 flying from Croatia about 900 miles from the Libyan coast could have been there under three hours from take-off. Croatia to Libya is the same distance approximately as Washington, D.C., to Miami.

The CIF, which included dozens of Special Operators, was never utilized to help rescue 30 Americans who had fought off attackers on the ground in Benghazi until 5:26 a.m. on Sept. 12. Pentagon officials say it did not arrive in time to help.

Of course not. Helping was not a priority. Collaborating with the Libyan Islamists running things and their precious sensibilities was.

Or this is how it would have been put in Diplospeak. “Armed intervention in Libya will shape a perception on the Arab Street of the new government as American puppets. During this crisis we must rely on indigenous support from Libyan police and military authorities while keeping our intervention as low key as possible. While the deaths of American personnel are regrettable, armed intervention would lead to further attacks and far more bloodshed. The cycle of violence must end with us.”

And so Obama watched while four Americans died.

In effect, the author claims that the administration didn’t want to risk getting into a fire fight at the US consulate or CIA annex because such an armed intervention would inflame the Arab Street. And that would just lead to another cycle of violence. Which the Obama administration didn’t want. So they made sure they didn’t do anything until it was clear there wouldn’t be any risk of conflict with the Libyans.

This is a pretty cynical theory. But it would explain all of the ‘delays.’

And it’s hard to be too cynical with the Obama administration. Especially when the election was just weeks away.

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One Response to “Did Obama Delay Rescue To Avoid Any Conflict?”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Hang on there, Daniel Greenfield of Front Page …

    Overlooked by all is ….

    1. Libya has a rudimentary military. Where were they as this unfolded?

    2. Benghazi damn sure has a police force. WE’RE THE ONES training them. Where were they?

    Over a seven hour period NEITHER could get to this internationally critical hot spot?

    I first saw this media-process in the Kennedy Assassination. Floating so many What Ifs? and Could It Be’s? that sooner or later the great mass of The People throw up their hands and lose interest because of all the stuff flung on the walls to see if ti sticks.


    1. Libya was a gun running operation like Fast and Furious
    2. Obama wanted Stevens kidnapped so he could “honorably” trade the blind sheik for him


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