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Didn’t We Just See Decadence On Parade In NO?

Another entry in the annuls of the indomitable human spirit, I guess.

From the San Antonio Express News:

Katrina doesn’t cancel Southern Decadence parade


Rod Davis

NEW ORLEANS — You know a city has legs when three or four dozen of them are parading down Bourbon Street — some clad in tutus and grass skirts — six days after the most damaging hurricane in American history.

But the annual Southern Decadence parade through the heart of the French Quarter stops for nothing — not even Katrina.

"Hey, we’ve got to keep our morale up, too," said Jill Sandars, aka "Jelly Sandwich," her "Quarter" name.

Resplendent in a fluffy red skirt, dark hat and small black umbrella, she strutted and sang with 15 to 20 other storm survivors who’d hunkered down in battered but not beaten streets normally associated with bead-throwing at Mardi Gras…

There was no power or water, and only hints of the kinds of food made legendary at venues such as Brennan’s or Galatoire’s. Both of those restaurants seemed relatively unscathed, as did many of the structures on the riverside end of the district, its highest elevation.

But the Quarter was far from its famously lively and carefree self. National Guard and police were everywhere to keep the peace and stop looting. Helicopters buzzed overhead as the evacuation of the city proceeded…

As the parade moved along, people came out on balconies and threw down beads. On at least one balcony, birthday suits were the uniform of the day.

For Marvin Allen, bartender at the famous revolving Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone, even the lack of meals could be turned into celebration. He and a group of survivors who live near the Ursulines Convent on Chartres combine provisions each evening for dishes such as "Wienie Jambalaya."

"In some ways, it sounds strange, but we’re actually doing better than we normally are," Allen said.

It’s a brave face, but it’s working. Still, Allen hopes to evacuate to Dallas later this week…

At that intersection, a New Orleans cop appeared, held up his own arms and stopped the parade.

"I didn’t know Decadence was still on," he said. Parade-goers politely assured him it was.

"Keep your spirits up," he said, and drove away.

A cophas to ask if the decadence is still on?

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