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Dionne: Kill Tea Party And Sequester, Raise Taxes

From EJ Dionne at the Washington Post:

Obama can’t waste this moment

By E.J. Dionne Jr. | October 13, 2013

The key in politics is to snatch victory from the jaws of victory.

The senseless government shutdown has led to a rout of the tea party, right-wing extremism and a House Republican leadership that was cowed into a march toward oblivion.

Who knew? Then what is the problem? Haven’t the media and the rest of the Democrat Party already won? (Cf. Obama’s defeat of Al Qaeda.)

But a great deal hangs on what happens next. Will this be a watershed moment? Or do we return to the same dreary politics that led to the shutdown in the first place?

What needs to happen is a sharp course correction — from an agenda championed by the forces that were beaten in the last election to an engagement with the problems our nation must solve.

Democrats have been much tougher in this round of negotiations than they were in the past not only because the GOP vastly overreached in trying to gut Obamacare, but also because they know how important it is to insist that budget cutting and deficit reduction not be the sole priority of the political class

Because up until now all the political class has been obsessed with cutting the budget and reducing the deficit.

Democrats have made it clear that it’s not 2011 anymore.

The United States should build, not just cut. We should invest again in an infrastructure whose decayed condition ought to shame us. We should deal with high ongoing unemployment, reverse the rise of inequality and give poor and working-class kids real opportunities for upward mobility.

Future negotiations must be premised on getting rid of sequester cuts that are hobbling our economy and on matching future cuts with new revenues…

In other words, we should not only end the sequester, which only cuts a fraction of the built-in budget increases. But we need to raise taxes, too. And we need to really get serious about income re-distribution.

Before history is rewritten, it’s important to understand that the American people really have blamed this mess on the GOP and really did revolt against the tea party’s irrationality. The public’s reaction has not been “a plague on both your houses" …

The turning point may well have been an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Thursday showing that the Republican Party’s positive rating was its lowest ever, 24 percent, while President Obama’s positive rating was up slightly to 47 percent. By 47 percent to 39 percent, the public said it preferred a Democratic Congress to a Republican Congress. In July, the two parties were tied…

This preposterously skewed poll has now become the most important poll in the history of mankind. And Dionne has the nerve to mention rewriting history.

The tea party, in other words, has lost well over one-third of its friends. Commentators, it’s time to stop pretending that the tea party speaks for the American “grass roots.”

When did commentators ever say that? Even though it would be the truth.

This crowd is simply the old far-right minority that has always existed, with a larger media megaphone…

Unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement. Which was a genuine grassroots operation funded and organized by the unions and Obama’s campaign.

The president and his allies seem determined to seize this moment and not squander a triumph built on a willingness to stand firm against right-wing radicalism. Obama can’t slip back into the style of deficit wrangling that so weakened him in 2011.

He now has an opening to refocus on his priorities: universal pre-kindergarten education, immigration reform, rebuilding our transportation and communications systems — and, one would like to hope, an even broader agenda for speeding growth and sharing its dividends fairly.

And never mind that the public opposes most of these asinine ideas in vast majorities.

Obama’s 2012 reelection failed to break the right-wing fever he has always said would abate some day. Now is the time to heal the nation of this infirmity.

And he can heal the nation by destroying the Republican base.

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5 Responses to “Dionne: Kill Tea Party And Sequester, Raise Taxes”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Will this be a watershed moment? Or do we return to the same dreary politics that led to the shutdown in the first place? “

    I find this particular statement disturbing. Politics, by its very nature should be “dreary”.

    By that I mean that citizens should be allowed to go about their day-to-day activities, untroubled and un-interfered with by the government. Lack of excitement in life is what most people strive for.

    But then, there are the types of people who cling to every reality show as if it was their very own kitten, wondering who will get kicked off next or which “top” model will cry.

    In other words, it appears we’ve become a nation of drama queens. Anything and everything is “exciting” and a “crisis”. Well…more like a circus, if you want my opinion.

    If you look to government activity for a thrill, then you’re doing your life wrong. Or, you’re misplacing the role severely if you look to the national socialists for entertainment. For if you are, E.J. (Can I call you E.J.?) then you need to get out more, get a dog, wash your car or actually DO something in your life; Get a friggin’ HOBBY. Geeziz.

    I very much prefer to find my excitement in my own activity, not the soap-opera politics that has become commonplace. I would prefer that I never hear what boneheaded thing that GovCo. has come up with that will cost me more money. Nor did I have any interest in what any statist had to say since our government is designed to keep them away.

    And, I guess it goes hand-in-hand with the rise of the statists that regular putzes like you make them into celebrities to see what kind of life they lead and how “cool” they are.

    Conservatives want leaders. Neo marxists want heroes and celebrities and having any character or credibility is of no consequence providing they are cool. They want what passes for movie actors now, but without the brains.

    “Before history is rewritten, it’s important to understand that the American people really have blamed this mess on the GOP and really did revolt against the tea party’s irrationality. The public’s reaction has not been “a plague on both your houses” … ”

    And here, again, D.J. (Can I call you E.J.?), you’re so wrong that you couldn’t find right if it was handed to you.

    The American people, according to ALL the polls taken, including the most recognized by the leftwing artifacts, states quite specifically that they are blaming the GOP & Obama. Yup, mentions him by name this time. On a personal note, the people I talk to are pissed at both Congress and the president both as well as both republicans and democrats equally, which I guess is the best a conservative like me can hope for from the uninformed crowd.

  2. captstubby says:

    “has always existed, with a larger media megaphone…”


    must be getting better reception from his moms basement.

  3. mr_bill says:

    “Democrats have been much tougher in this round of negotiations than they were in the past not only because the GOP vastly overreached in trying to gut Obamacare…”

    No, the democrat party has refused to negotiate because the last time this happened, Boehner caved and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, just as nerobama was about to concede. The left is aware of this and plans not to make the same mistake again. Thus, they have refused every offer of compromise and “moved the goalposts” whenever an offer was made that substantially matched what they said they want. nerobama’s vanity will also not allow him to be seen as acquiescing to the demands of the Tea Party, regardless of the fact that it’s what’s best for this country.

    EJ, the Tea Party scares you because you don’t know who they are. Why do you think nerobama took such an interest in the IRS records of Tea Party groups? Why did he charge the IRS with obtaining donor lists from these groups? He wants to know who these people are and not in a demographic sense. He wants names and addresses. As it stands, the Tea Partiers are simply an anonymous group of people who pick candidates to support from a grass-roots level and propel them into office (i.e. Ted Cruz) over the more politically maleable Establishment Republicans. They’re not on a list of voter registrations for the “Tea Party”. That’s what scares you so much. You can’t intimidate Tea Partiers because you can’t identify them. You can’t predict when another Tea Party candidate will pop up and unseat a “safe” candidate. The other thing that scares you is that the Tea Party people have been here all along, they were just content to live their lives and leave the governing to those whose job it was to govern. Now that the governing has come off the rails, the Tea Party people are taking an interest and getting involved on a level that hasn’t been seen in a long time. The Tea Party is a sort of political Boogie Man to the democrat party, it could just jump out and ruin your plans at any moment.

    • captstubby says:

      good points mr bill.
      as i sort through current events and attempt to make heads or tails on things,

      going through the data over and over, at times the obvious can’t be dismissed as not being relevant to finding an answer.

      no one will deny that the labels Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, godless Communists, and such are certainly valid in many case’s.

      but perhaps i am being too “generous”.

      it could be The Chicago Gang” is just that.

      gangster, extortionists, thieves, counterfeiters, and less printable things.

      maybe in my “noble” crusade , i have elevated the Rascals to a more worthy foe.

      and the elected for life Senators and Representatives are nothing but what it appears they seem to be,


      or it all could just be that they are just vain and stupid.

      Why smart people can be so stupid

      by Robert J. Sternberg.

      “One of the dumbest things people with the fixed view of intelligence do is

      to sacrifice important learning opportunities when those opportunities contain

      a risk of revealing ignorance or making errors. Of course, the very idea

      of learning implies that there is something you don’t already know. Yet

      people who hold the fixed view of intelligence feel they cannot a√ord to

      reveal their ignorance and make errors because, as we saw, this can call their

      intelligence and even their worth into question.

      The reason for this, ironically, lies in the very fact that many smart people

      become too invested in being smart. They think of smartness as something

      that they have and others don’t—as something that makes them special and

      worthy. As a result, they become too focused on being smart and looking

      smart rather than on challenging themselves, stretching and expanding their

      skills, becoming smarter. In other words, they focus on the trait of intelligence

      and on proving that they have it, rather than on the process of learning

      the wise individual

      necessarily would have to know the limits of his or her own tacit knowledge.

      People who are foolish

      in one domain certainly possess the potential to be foolish in others.


      results when people let down their guard as a result of feelings of omniscience,

      omnipotence, and invulnerability. People who make themselves

      vulnerable in one domain may well do so in other domains

      How many domains of foolishness were necessary

      for great harm to be done? …the foolishness of the

      leaders showed up in multiple domains, but one domain was enough largely

      to cause great harm to their countries.

      The costs of foolishness can be very high.”

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Mr. Dionne, allow me to crack you across your face with a Frozen Flounder of Truth. You, are the Establishment. As such you troll for the Progressive, Socialist Hierarchy called Washington DC. In all seriousness, that before history is re-written line is so hypocritical, so pharisaical it must be confronted and denounced for what it is .. a bald admission of your Tartuffian self-righteousness.

    Let’s take one example, sir.

    Do you support the Union and its war waged against the Confederacy? Of course you do. Why? Because it put an end to slavery, am I correct? Of course I am. That is your bedrock belief.

    Then explain to me how the Union – your people – was exterminating the Indian in the West even as they moralized marching on the South to end slavery? And IMMEDIATELY following Appomattox the North set to with a will slaughtering, exterminating and otherwise coercing at the end of a gun barrel into a new form of slavery people whose lands these had been before we got here.

    You hold the end of slavery so dear to your heart it has blinded you to the far more catastrophic blood-letting your people caused out West.

    Answer me that, Mr. Dionne, with a Consistent Morality and then we’ll talk about “re-writing history”.

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