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Disability Rolls Now Exceed Population Of Greece

From CNS News:

10,962,532: U.S. Disability Beneficiaries Exceed Population of Greece

By Terence P. Jeffrey | May 7, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – The total number of people in the United States now receiving federal disability benefits hit a record 10,962,532 million in April, which exceeds the 10,815,197 people who live in the nation of Greece.

It also exceeds the population of every individual state in the union, except the top seven. It also far exceeds the population of New York City, which is only 8 million.

According to newly released data from the Social Security Administration, the record 10,962,532 total disability beneficiaries in April, included a record 8,865,586 disabled workers (up from 8,853,614 in March), 1,936,236 children of disabled workers, and 160,710 spouses of disabled workers…

April was the 195th straight month that the number of American workers collecting federal disability payments increased…

And yet we’re told the recession has been over since June of 2009. Which is almost four years ago.

As the overall number of American workers collecting disability has increased, the ratio of full-time workers to disability-collecting workers has decreased.

In December 1968, 1,295,428 American workers collected disability and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65,630,000 worked full-time. Thus, there were about 51 full-time workers for each worker collecting disability. In April 2013, with a record 8,865,586 American workers collecting disability and 116,053,000 working full-time, there were only 13 Americans working full-time for each worker on disability.

But maybe getting Social Security is a Constitutional right.

Meanwhile, from the Washington Times:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Constitution implies a right to health care, education

By Douglas Ernst | May 7, 2013

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee took to the House floor Monday night and implied that the right to health care and education exists in the Constitution.

Ms. Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat, also made the case that the moral authority for such services is also derived from the Declaration of Independence.

“One might argue that education and health care fall into those provisions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” she said.

Ms. Jackson Lee added, “I think that what should be continuously emphasized is the president’s leadership on one single point: that although health care was not listed per se in the Constitution, it should be a constitutional right.”

It’s right there — in a ‘penumbra.’ Right next to the right to a free abortion.

The Hill also reported on the floor speech, adding that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, made a similar case last year. In March 2012, Mrs. Pelosi said “Obamacare” was necessary for “a healthier life, the liberty to pursue happiness, free of the constraints that lack of health care might provide to a family.”

How can our country possibly fail with such brilliant leaders?

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