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DNC, Jackson, Sharpton Use Ferguson For Black Turnout

From Breitbart:

Missouri GOP: Michael Brown Voting Registration Booths ‘Disgusting’

By Charlie Spiering | August 18, 2014

Republicans are criticizing efforts by liberal organizers to set up voter registration booths at the site where Missouri teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a local police officer.

How partisan of them!

Reports of the voter registration tables have been reported via liberal activists on social media. “In front of the makeshift memorial where Mike Brown was killed, they’ve set up a voter registration table,” tweeted Jessica Lee, a Human rights attorney at the Center For Constitutional Rights wrote on Twitter. Another activist urged Ferguson residents to register at both the QT convenience store protestor location and the crime scene memorial…

And then there is this from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Jesse Jackson talks voter registration at Ferguson McDonald’s

By Lisa Brown | August 18, 2014

FERGUSON – During a stop for lunch Monday at the Ferguson McDonald’s where a window was smashed last night, Jesse Jackson Sr. said he’s working with local clergy to start a door-to-door voter registration drive… Jackson said he was meeting with clergy in St. Louis Monday to start a voter registration drive.

"It has to change," Jackson said about the lack of minorities on Ferguson’s police department and local governance. "Five thousand new voters will transform the city from top to bottom," he said…

What what about the separation of church and state? What about the churches tax exemptions? (Just kidding.)

Finally, there is this, from Jackson’s fellow reverend, via MSNBC:

‘Twelve percent turnout is an insult to your children’

By Steve Benen | August 18, 2014

The Rev. Al Sharpton, host of msnbc’s “Politics Nation,” spoke at the Greater Grace Church’s services yesterday, and addressed the crisis surrounding Michael Brown’s death from a variety of angles. Of particular interest, though, was one of Sharpton’s challenges to the community itself…

“Michael Brown is gonna change this town,” he said, before criticizing the paltry voting record on the area. “You all have got to start voting and showing up. 12% turnout is an insult to your children.” …

Rev. Rodney Francis of the St. Louis Clergy Coalition pointed to voter registration tent at the scene. “That’s where change is gonna happen,” Francis said…

But what about the separation of … — Oh, forget it.

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One Response to “DNC, Jackson, Sharpton Use Ferguson For Black Turnout”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Keep voting democrat. Look how well it’s worked for Camden, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Oakland, Trenton, Dearborn, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington D.C., St. Louis Ferguson, so far.

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