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Do The Obama Girls Get Xmas Presents?

In response to a hard hitting question in today’s press conference, the President Select announced that he was going to do more Christmas shopping:

REPORTER: Mr. President-elect, as we all know we’re two days away from the biggest shopping day of the year, and a lot of retailers are worrying that this year it could be a disaster that this economy can ill afford. Do you have any shopping advice for nervous consumers? And are you planning to hit the malls yourself on Friday?

OBAMA: Well, we are going to do Christmas shopping. And Malia and Sasha have already put their list together. It’s mostly for Santa. They send their letter every year. But we may do some extra shopping as well.

Implying that they get Christmas presents every year:

But way back in July Mr. Obama told People Magazine that he didn’t give the girls Christmas or birthday presents:

‘People’ visits the Obamas at home

Wed, 23 July 2008

Didn’t Barack Obama say he would not be opening his family up to personal interviews after he did the four-parter with Access Hollywood; that he felt it was a “mistake?”

Well, here he is on the new People magazine, on sale Friday, with an interview featuring the family — including daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, in their Chicago home earlier this summer. But the interview was conducted before Access Hollywood‘s, says the mag.

Some highlights:
– The girls have rules to follow, such as making their beds, setting their own alarm clocks, keeping the playroom toy closet clean and lights out at 8:30.
-They get a $1 per week allowance from Dad for doing their chores, like setting and clearing the dinner table.
They receive no birthday or Christmas presents from Mom and Dad, who spend “hundreds” on birthday slumber parties and, as Barack puts it, “want to teach some limits.”  Says Michelle: “Malia says, ‘I know there is a Santa because there’s no way you’d buy me all that stuff.’”

The last quote from Malia makes it difficult to decipher whether they get Christmas presents or not.

This seems to be an Obama family tradition.

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16 Responses to “Do The Obama Girls Get Xmas Presents?”

  1. proreason says:

    When will the girls be thrown under the bus?

  2. Ravenwood says:

    What did you get for Christmas Malia?

    I got a lecture from my dad on why capitalism sucks!

  3. wardmama4 says:

    -‘They receive no birthday or Christmas presents from Mom and Dad, who spend “hundreds” on birthday slumber parties and, as Barack puts it, “want to teach some limits. . .’-

    Uh, how can Mom and Dad not give any presents if Miss Malia says ‘you’d buy me all that stuff’?

    Someone is lying here – and I’d place my money on The One ™.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Muslim Jehova Witness Christian…..Oh yeah, there are lies being layed about. Just don’t expect anything under the tree from the House Boy!! There will be a little sumptin’ in the mail shortly, in the way of taxes though!! Merry Chirtsmas and Happy Kwanza and Jahova, Johova, Johova!!

  5. 1sttofight says:

    I figure the kids, when not needed for a photo op are put in the closet and switched off with their charger plugged in awaiting the next photo op.

    Electric Children love their Electric Grandmother.

  6. BillK says:

    “$1” for doing chores?

    What about Obama’s support for a “living wage?”

    How are his daughters supposed to be able to afford their own food and housing for $1/week?

    What? They don’t have to? They live at home?

    So do the vast majority of people working at minimum wage jobs, yet that hasn’t stopped the prolifieration of “living wage” laws.

    But that’s OK; one can only imagine the good stuff we’ll see when the daughters start posting cell phone videos of life in the White House to YouTube when they feel their parents are being “unfair.”

  7. VMAN says:

    A dollar a week that’s 4 times as much as TIBS brother in Kenya makes. This guy is a super ego maniac. I didn’t see it (I probably would have puked) but from what I have heard he shoved the family back stage so he could make his acceptance speech in all his wonderful glory with no one upstaging him. Gotta feel a little sorry for the kids. Maybe they’ll become conservatives to tweek the old man.

  8. U NO HOO says:

    They live, The Stepford Daughters!

  9. Kilmeny says:

    Um, maybe I’m nitpicking, but a birthday slumber party that costs hundreds? Is a birthday present.

    And I suspect that what he means when he says he and Michelle do not give the girls Christmas presents is that the presents are all supposed to be from Santa Claus. That’s how my parents did it. But once again Obama can’t give a straightforward answer to even the most innocuous of questions.

  10. heather08 says:

    I understood this to mean that they received presents from “Santa”–ie, the unwrapped stuff that is put out under the tree to be found on Christmas morning. Most people who do this also give their kids wrapped gifts from “Mom and Dad.” What will happen when the kids no longer believe in Santa?

  11. U NO HOO says:

    “What will happen when the kids no longer believe in Santa?”

    They will get clothes, not toys.

  12. pinandpuller says:

    The girls and their uncle George Onyango are in the same tax bracket!

    If they ever do get a dog I wonder if it will have to wear little booties so it doesn’t desecrate the WH.

    Maybe since PEO doesn’t know exactly where or when he was born he sucks all of the oxygen out of the Obama birthday experience.

  13. Liberals Demise says:

    ‘What will happen when the girls no longer believe in Santa?”
    Simple…..They will get 2 Dollars or as the Asians say it, “2 dolla big boy!!”

  14. bobbys says:

    Maybe the girls need to vote Present instead of yes or no

  15. studmuffin says:

    Today I discovered some Christmas gifts were missing from the closet where I hid them. I think they may have been redistributed to the Obama children.

  16. jmcaul says:

    What will happen when the kids no longer believe in Santa? They’ll grow up and become Republicans

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