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DoD: Trucks Carried Iraqi WMD To Syria

The following is a translation of a newly posted Iraqi document done by an unofficial translator. The document, posted in Arabic, is from a Department Of Defense program.

In the document an Iraqi opposition source working in Syria reports on the movement of Iraqi trucks to Syria before the start of the US invasion of Iraq. It is his understanding that the trucks contained proscribed weapons of mass destruction.

The translation is dated July 13 — probably 2003. But the original document is dated March 14th, 2003. (Moharram 10th is the tenth day of the Muslim New Year, which in 2003 began on March 4th.) The International Coalition Forces attacked Iraq on March 20, 2003.



Here is one page from the pdf file showing the original document in Arabic:


I’m sure our one party media will have a field day investigating this development.

(Just kidding of course.)


It turns out that the translation of this document was actually done by the heroically tenacious JVeritas of Free Republic. (And I had even perused the thread he posted about it. I thought it looked familiar.)

More of JVeritas’ excellent work can be found here.

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