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Is It A Photo Of Breaking Tapeplayer Or Treaty?

Only yesterday we noted two photographs which claimed to have been from the Associated Press, along with their captions:

A Pakistani masked tribal militant with assault rifle smashes an audio player seized in a raid at a music market in Khar, the main town of Pakistani tribal region Bajur along Afghan border, Friday, July 13, 2007.

A hooded Islamic militant shows a damaged audioplayer siezed during a raid in Khar — the main town in Pakistan’s tribal Bajaur district — 13 July.

But today France’s AFP is reporting the second photo as their own, and providing it with this caption:

Pro-Taliban militants in a Pakistan tribal border region with Afghanistan said they had scrapped a controversial peace accord reached with the government last year.

And they are featuring the photo alongside this article:

So which is it?

Is the militant showing a smashed audio player seized from a local music store? Or is he tearing up a controversial peace treaty?

Or does our watchdog media just play fast and loose with such details?

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