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DOJ: Bush’s Attnys Firings Were No Crime

From an unapologetic Associated Press:

DOJ: Prosecutor firing was politics, not crime


July 21, 2010

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration’s Justice Department’s actions were inappropriately political, but not criminal, when it fired a U.S. attorney in 2006, prosecutors said Wednesday in closing a two-year investigation without filing charges.

So even Mr. Holder’s Social Justice Department could not find any evidence of any criminal malfeasance. Of course they had to add in a purely subjective claim that the actions were “inappropriately political.” The Democrat Party has to get something for its money.

Still, where do Mr. Bush and Mr. Gonzales go to the get their reputations back? Will Mr. Obama or Mr. Holder or even Mr. Gibbs apologize? Will any other top Democrats apologize? Will any of our one party press apologize?

If Ms. Sherrod can get an apology, why can’t Mr. Gonzales? He, too, is a person of color.

The decision closes the books on one of the lingering political disputes of the Bush administration, one that Democrats said was evidence of GOP politics run amok and that Republicans have always said was a manufactured controversy.

And which even now the AP shamelessly pretends is still an open question.

Investigators looked into whether the Bush administration improperly dismissed nine U.S. attorneys, and in particular New Mexico U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, as a way to influence criminal cases. The scandal added to mounting criticism that the administration had politicized the Justice Department, a charge that contributed to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Whereas Mr. Holder has done nothing to politicize the Justice Department, hence the uniform silence from our one party media. 

In 2008, the Justice Department assigned Nora Dannehy, a career prosecutor from Connecticut with a history of rooting out government wrongdoing, to investigate the firings.

"Evidence did not demonstrate that any prosecutable criminal offense was committed with regard to the removal of David Iglesias," the Justice Department said in a letter to lawmakers Wednesday. "The investigative team also determined that the evidence did not warrant expanding the scope of the investigation beyond the removal of Iglesias."

Prosecutors also said there was insufficient evidence to charge someone with lying to Congress or investigators

Expect to see these findings trumpeted all over the television and on the front page above the fold of every newspaper.

Gonzales’ lawyer, George Terwilliger, called the conclusion long overdue.

"Those who made unwarranted allegations to the contrary owe him an apology," Terwilliger said

Apparently, it pleases Mr. Terwilliger to be amusing.

House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers of Michigan said Dannehy’s decision is not an exoneration of Bush administration officials.

"There is no dispute that these firings were totally improper and that misleading testimony was given to Congress in an effort to cover them up," Conyers said in a statement

No, “there is no dispute,” except for this Justice Department report which says exactly the opposite.

If Mr. Conyers did not enjoy Congressional and other forms of immunity, he could easily be sued for libel. But of course in a just world he would have been put behind bars many years ago.

By the way, there is no record of what Mr. Conyers thought about Mr. Clinton and his Attorney General, Janet Reno firing all 93 current US attorneys, back in 1993.

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One Response to “DOJ: Bush’s Attnys Firings Were No Crime”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    So now as the foundation for the utter destruction of the American Way of life are firmly in place we find out:
    1) That no one in the Bush Administration outed the faux covert faux undercover liar Plame
    2) That Bush, well didn’t exactly LIE as The Won continues to attempt to lose the War he started
    3) That the lawyer firings weren’t illegal
    and (OMG, can’t believe that this may come to pass)
    4) The the Bush ‘tax cuts for the rich’ may be a good thing

    [As an aside, notice how all of a sudden the only thing from the GWB years that has gone quiet is the 9/11 was an ‘inside job conspiracy’ – I wonder if this is a two fold – 1) keep 9/11 and all info about it quiet, so the mosque can get built and also so 2) that it does not ever get the connection – if GWB and his Administration, the Congress and the SC can cover 9/11 – might not BHO and his Administration, the Congress and the SC cover up the NBC ‘complication’ of Obama – It is simply a Constitutional issue and must be addressed if America is to survive]

    In other words, the entire 8 years of the GWB Administration filtered through the MSM were a LIE – and they have to wonder why NOW we continue to think that every thing written about BHO & his Administration are also a LIE?

    I would hazard a guess that more than 90% of what is legislated and spoken in DC by the chattering class and the ruling class are a LIE.

    We The People must stand up and ‘throw the bums out’ – before they do fully destroy America.

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