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DOJ Clears DeLay After 6 Year Witch Hunt

From a despondent Politico:

Feds clear DeLay after six years

By: Mike Allen
August 16, 2010

The Justice Department has informed former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) that the government has ended a six-year investigation of his ties to the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, according to DeLay’s lead counsel in the matter, Richard Cullen, chairman of McGuireWoods.

The investigation lasted through two presidents and four attorneys general. Its demise provides a stark footnote to the lobbying scandals that helped Democrats regain the House majority they held for 40 years and lost in the Republican revolution of 1994, which eventually made the pugnacious DeLay one of Washington’s top power brokers.

Oh, and never mind that scores of Democrats got far more money from Mr. Abramoff, including such party luminaries as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

“The federal investigation of Tom DeLay is over, and there will be no charges,” Cullen said. “This was one of the longest and expensive and thorough investigations in recent memory. DeLay took a tack right from the start that he had nothing to hide, and we have been in a routine and constant dialogue with [prosecutors].” …

And it wasn’t a witch hunt. That’s for sure.

By the way, the Associated Press is repeating the Politico’s story, under the headline: ‘Lawyer says DOJ ends criminal probe of Tom DeLay.’

However, the AP does not bother to note anywhere that this clears Mr. Delay with the DOJ. Why would they leave out that minor detail?

A state case continues in Texas, with a hearing scheduled for Aug. 24. A trial is expected next spring and could last several weeks…

And never mind (and of course the Politico would never mention) that the original state charges against Mr. Delay were thrown out way back in 2007.

The local district Democrat district attorney, Mr. Ronnie Earle, is trying again. In one of the egregious and blatant misuses of power by a prosecutor in the long sorry history of political witch hunts.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, August 16th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “DOJ Clears DeLay After 6 Year Witch Hunt”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    I guess they weren’t trying hard enough.
    They wanted his innocence to be in doubt until after he croaked.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    I remember the desperate feeling of watching Republicans getting hit like deer in the road by the now sunk juggernaut of the rabid neo-Liberal machine. The Republican/Conservative brand was so associated with moral purity, Americanism, and the Bush Administration so loved that the sheer imagined perception of inpropreity and corruption popped the balloon of post-9/11 unity and national optimism. The anti-war movement then took a crap on the remains.

    I was a Junior in High-School when I saw the signs to come and only wrote my thoughts in a journal because of what I thought was the lack of anyone like-minded. All I can say now is thank God for Rush, S&L, and the Conservative Knights.

    “I fear for the world.
    The wheel of time has seen a free nation rightfully dominate the planet.
    Our society most closely immitates autocracy.. that state of nature in which all individuals can be trusted to progress humanity because they have a firm understanding in principle – and sacrifice. However, I’m afraid a generation is rising where the meanings of these words are not understood.

    Already the pendulum has begun to sway..
    An age of regulation and division is dawning, even though those dedicated to opposing it currently rule the White house and Legislature.
    And It is for this reason that I am truly afraid.
    For what can men do, when haunted by their own percieved majority and ability to successfully correct course the path of a nation, they do so fail because it would arouse such a desperate sentiment of panic, one that is the norm for a hyper-emotional, fast-life society.

    The sun sets on the middle class.
    And while we fight the evils of physical harm and malicious fanaticism, we fail to address the danger in such radicalism manipulating a hasty and irrational majority at home.

    And I am haunted by the prospect of a life where reality is all too real, where dreams do fade, and survival is a struggle.
    Can’t you see that you’re dooming us all..” – 09/11/03

    • proreason says:

      You are starting to scare me tn.

      Either that, or it’s still possible to grow up in the 21st century and still respect the history of the US.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “and still respect the history of the US.”

      Well that is the key, Pro, and it is unfortunately such uncommon wisdom these days. For me it came at the cost of terribly selfish life decisions and even worse results. My life was an unnecessary microcosm of the lessons society is re-learning now, but redemption is sweet and it will be for the American Way as well. History is on our side, that’s why these fools have to keep destroying and rewriting it.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I like your style t.n.
      “Sail on”

  3. jobeth says:

    No point in continuing to waste time on this, they think.

    It’s accomplished its goal of getting him out of the way for a while and putting a large hole in his political career and causing distrust of the Republicans and right.

    And as Steve said…going a long way to clear the path for the progressives to get in. (At least I thought you had said it…maybe not…but it’s true anyway)

    However…it just may be one more poorly timed moved.
    Just in time to clear the record for the Repubs for November elections. (And enough time him to get ready for the 2012 round of elections?)

    With all the other missteps by the Obalmy bunch this release of Delay from his shackles comes at a weird time (by leftie standards)

    Of course, when your pot is empty, its empty.

  4. retire05 says:

    Ronnie Earle, Dan Rather’s lap dog, is no longer the Travis County DA. He resigned and ran for Lt. Governor against Linda Chavez who won.

    Earle’s reign of terror is over although he is still beloved by all the liberal lefties that reside in Austin.

    But no matter, he, and the Democrats, achieved what they wanted, to get rid of Tom DeLay who was a powerful leader in D.C. DeLay should sue Earle for every dime he has based on wrongful prosecution.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Just like Foley – they pulled this terrible miscarriage of justice without time for Delay to step aside and let the Republicans put someone else on the ballot – and never forget Earle had to go to 6 Grand Juries to get anything against Delay.

    I just can’t imagine a Gov, AG, State GOP or anyone standing up and saying no just NO but HELL NO to these events that did nothing but allow (just like the Coleman/Franken fraudulent election ‘count’) – liberals get into office to give liberals a majority that with pure and simple elections (or polls) they would never, ever achieve.

    Must be why these same radical liberal anti-American terrorists want to do away with state and Federal Electoral Colleges – to make sure that they can steal and cheat their ways into winning every election.

    My new guideline will be if Dems, the DNC, liberals and the media are for it – It will be bad, wrong or dangerous for America.

    • proreason says:

      While Republicans play by the letter of the law, democrats use the Alinsky playbook to subvert the law.

      I get sick to my stomach when I hear some righteous Republican or conservative preach to me that if we fall to their level than we have lost, no matter what happens.

      That is lesson one in the Alinshy method.

      There isn’t any principle that rises above self-preservation. When the Huns are maurading at the gates, it isn’t the time to give them the keys to the city because protocol says that visitors must be greeted with a hug.

    • jobeth says:

      “I get sick to my stomach when I hear some righteous Republican …”

      Amen to that

      Personally, I read that as McCain and Graham…just for starters.

      Both are good men…on a personal level. Neither seem to want to acknowledge they are standing in a swamp full of bad bad critters. That can be harmful to the rest of us.

      If McCain would have been a little less pious he would be sitting in the oval office right now.

      He made me want to scream at how many really important truths he chose to ‘overlook’ in the name of not sinking to their level. Was he kidding !?
      Unfortunately not.

      But maybe we are blessed anyway…If he couldn’t choose right there, how many other times would he have foolishly chosen to look the other way while claiming the so called high ground. (illegal immigration)

      All well in good to have morals and to live them…altogether something else to pretend that evil doesn’t exist. You must name it and deal with it.

      Both decent men…both live in OZ

  6. navymom says:

    I’m just curious if Rangel and Waters will get the “benefit” of the same attention to detail in their investigation? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  7. Mithrandir says:

    You will notice the Democrat strategy every time one of their own is disgraced:

    0. (after the excuses and blame-shifting fails to work…)
    1. Run for office again.
    2. Have a party.
    3. Give them some award.
    4. Make a bronze statue of them.
    5. Give them the Nobel Prize.
    6. Send them off on world relief efforts to revive their poor image.

    Remember Dan Rostinkowski? The crooked Democrat in which one of the most crooked highways in Chicago is nicknamed after him, called “The Rosty?” They are already rehabilitating his image and career. Sickos….

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