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DOJ Clears Waterboarding Memo Lawyers

Compare and contrast how the media has greeted this news.

First from a disappointed Associated Press:

DOJ review finds no misconduct by memo authors

By Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press Writer – Sat Feb 20

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department is closing the books on its probe of the Bush administration lawyers whose legal memorandums authorized the CIA to waterboard terrorism suspects, but the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says he remains offended by the memos and will hold hearings.

An internal review said the department lawyers showed "poor judgment" but did not commit professional misconduct in giving CIA interrogators the go-ahead at the height of the U.S. war on terrorism to use harsh interrogation tactics.

President Barack Obama campaigned on abolishing waterboarding, a simulated drowning technique, and other tactics that he called torture. He left open the question of whether anyone would be punished for authorizing such methods.

Liberal Democrats had pressed for action against the authors of the so-called torture memos, and they indicated they aren’t finished discussing the matter.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said he was "deeply offended" by the legal memos and planned to hold a hearing Feb. 26.

"I have serious concerns about the role each of these government lawyers played in the development of these policies," Leahy said in a statement posted on his Web site

You see, we are not a nation of laws, but a nation of men.

And if a powerful (and wise) man who has done so much for the nation’s security as Patrick Leahy is “deeply offended,” then surely a way to punish these lawyers must be found.

Next, from an obviously annoyed Washington Post:

Authors of waterboarding memos won’t be disciplined

By Carrie Johnson and Julie Tate
Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bush administration lawyers who wrote memos that paved the way for waterboarding of terrorism suspects and other harsh interrogation tactics "exercised poor judgment" but will not face discipline for their actions, according to long-awaited Justice Department documents released Friday.

The decision represents the end of a five-year internal battle and flatly rejects recommendations by the department’s ethics investigators. They had twice urged that allegations against John C. Yoo and Jay S. Bybee be sent to state disciplinary authorities for further action, including the possible revocation of their licenses to practice law.

Throughout the hundreds of pages released late Friday, the thorniest of national security issues again became the subject of an ongoing and ultimately inconclusive debate. The release comes as the Obama administration faces a fierce Republican assault on its counterterrorism strategy from critics including former vice president Richard B. Cheney…

You see, the debate is still ongoing and inconclusive. Though the best that can be said about these miscreants is that they will not be disciplined.

And, lastly and leastly, from a vengeful New York Times:

Report Faults 2 Authors of Bush Terror Memos


February 20, 2010

WASHINGTON — After five years of often bitter internal debate, the Justice Department concluded in a report released Friday that the lawyers who gave legal justification to the Bush administration’s brutal interrogation tactics for terrorism suspects used flawed legal reasoning but were not guilty of professional misconduct.

The report, rejecting harsher sanctions recommended by Justice Department ethics lawyers, brings to a close a pivotal chapter in the debate over the legal limits of the Bush administration’s fight against terrorism and whether its treatment of Qaeda prisoners amounted to torture.

The ethics lawyers, in the Office of Professional Responsibility, concluded that two department lawyers involved in analyzing and justifying waterboarding and other interrogation tactics — Jay S. Bybee, now a federal judge, and John C. Yoo, now a professor at the University of California, Berkeley — had demonstrated “professional misconduct.” It said the lawyers had ignored legal precedents and provided slipshod legal advice to the White House in possible violation of international and federal laws on torture. That report was among the documents made public Friday…

So no matter what the report says, according to the New York Times, these lawyers are still guilty of having “demonstrated” professional misconduct.

Thank goodness for our unbiased media watchdogs. How would we ever know the truth without them?

For the record, we contend that these lawyers showed excellent judgment.

And the many people whose lives were saved thanks to these interrogations, such as those who work at the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles (pictured above), probably think so as well.

(Thanks to Canary for the heads up.)

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5 Responses to “DOJ Clears Waterboarding Memo Lawyers”

  1. canary says:

    AP: DOJ: No misconduct for Bush interrogation lawyers
    By Matt Apuzzo Feb 20 2010

    WASHINGTON – Justice Department lawyers showed “poor judgment” but did not commit professional misconduct when they authorized CIA interrogators to use waterboarding and other harsh tactics at the height of the U.S. war on terrorism, an internal review released Friday found.

    Liberal Democrats had pressed for action against the authors of the so-called torture memos, and they indicated they aren’t finished discussing the matter. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said he was “deeply offended” by the legal memos and planned to hold a hearing Feb. 26.

    The memos were hurriedly put together in days, and supporters of Yoo and Bybee note that investigators have had years to dissect them.

    Yoo’s lawyer, Miguel Estrada, was more pointed. During the lengthy investigation, Estrada accused internal investigators of trying to be “Junior Varsity CIA” that second-guessed intelligence decisions.

    Obama has said CIA interrogators who relied on the memos will not face charges for their behavior. A separate criminal inquiry is under way into whether a handful of CIA operatives crossed the line, leading to the death of detainees.


    Meanwhile, Obama’s new rules of engagement concerning Afgan Taliban insurgents in Afganistan free-killing U.S. & NATO Soldiers, is the “96 Hour Policy”. Troops must:
    speak nicely & be friendly to the captured enemies, and
    release them before 96 hours are up.

  2. Petronius says:

    What interesting times we live in. That a buffoon like Senator Patrick Leahy can lecture us on “poor judgment.” And moan to the Press Corpse [sic] about being “deeply offended.”

    So what if Senator Patrick Leahy is “deeply offended”? Who cares?

    He so desperately wants to be thought of as enlightened. And that his heart bleeds.

    But obviously anything that “deeply offends” the sensibilities of this menstruating Democrat must be grounded in sound legal research and analysis.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”So what if Senator Patrick Leahy is “deeply offended”?…..”

      I find Patrick Leahy deeply offensive. I want to hold a hearing to see if we can run his sorry ass out of town on a rail.

      Note to Leahy: The DOJ has ruled. You lost. Just shut up, asshole!

  3. proreason says:

    Leahy’s life of crime in the Senate is on life support.

    When I see a person filled with pure evil like as Leahy is, I immediately think that there is something extremely dark and forboding in that person’s past…..like the Drooler and the Moron. Being molested as a child can twist a lot of brain synapses. Many victims become child molestors themselves. Others become other forms of sexual deviants and the most “successful” ones get elected to high office, where they are free to inflict their nightmares on the country.

  4. Enthalpy says:

    Quite frankly, if they had to drown all of them, I’d sign on for it. Leahy will forever be the POS he is, and that’s that. I don’t see the abatement of our cultural war on most of these issues. The Left will continue with its delusional nonsense and we must stop them before our nation is irretrievable.

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