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Dominique Strauss-Kahn Busted For Pimping

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Strauss-Kahn arrested by French police for ‘complicity in pimping’ after he admits attending sex parties all over the world

By Peter Allen
21 February 2012

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was today arrested by French police and faces criminal charges relating to an illegal prostitute racket.

The former International Monetary Fund chief was told by detectives that there is evidence linking him to ‘complicity in pimping’ and ‘misuse of corporate assets’.

That has got to be one of the longest headlines in newspaper history.

By the way, for the record, prostitution itself is legal in La Belle France.

He will be held in custody until ‘Wednesday at least’ before bail can be considered, said a source close to the case.

Strauss-Kahn, 62, has admitted to attending ‘sex parties’ in cities all over the world, but denies knowing that the women he slept with were prostitutes.

Now he faces criminal charges if prosecutors can prove that fraudulently obtained money was being paid to the prostitutes, and that Strauss-Kahn knew about this

Heck, isn’t all of the money at the IMF "fraudulently obtained"?

He has claimed he did not know he was sleeping with prostitutes because ‘the women were all naked at the time’.

This guy is quick. Still, shouldn’t he have asked to see their union cards?

The unorthodox defence comes amid allegations that his mobile phone records showed he had relationships with at least 10 call girls

He is bound to get a CNN talk show now.

But Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer, Henri Leclerc, said his client was ‘totally unaware’ that the women were receiving cash.

‘At these parties, people were not necessarily dressed, and I defy you to tell the difference between a naked prostitute and any other naked woman,’ said Mr Leclerc.

These days it’s hard to tell the difference even when they are dressed.

Strauss-Kahn admits taking part in orgies and said he had an ‘uninhibited sex life’, but that ‘he never paid a centime’ for it. ‘I have a horror of prostitutes and pimping,’ he said

So why was he at the IMF?

Strauss-Kahn, a leading member of the French Socialist Party

Say no more.

But how soon will it be before DSK becomes a beloved figure in France like Bill Clinton is here at home? The ‘presidential historian’ Douglas Brinkley said last night on Chris Matthews’ Hardball that "Bill Clinton’s really become a folk figure in America." And he added that [Bill Clinton] "is more like Babe Ruth or Buffalo Bill than a politician."

So maybe DSK is going to be France’s Babe Ruth.

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7 Responses to “Dominique Strauss-Kahn Busted For Pimping”

  1. River0 says:

    Now we’re seeing the elite ‘progressive’ Utopian dream in 3D, live : Unlimited wealth, power, idleness, ultimate status, hot naked women/men everywhere, and no consequences. All you have to do is persuade the masses to surrender their futures and sign up for ‘equality’ and a minimalist life, so their nations will be able to fund the Ruling Class elite.

    This is Obamism, the EU version. Get ready, America. The Kennedys set the stage, acted in the play, and you never believed the ending.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    See, it’s like this – I believe in alien races. Races which look like the men and women God created but which are not His.

    These races are vampirical. They exist to suck life from us. They feed on we who have Life. They do not have such. We were created by the Almighty God in His Image, which created all which is, and they are not of that Creation. They have no life energy and no sweetness of their own – being from that which knows neither life nor death – and once they taste us, they cannot get enough.

    They are eternal in that do not have life to lose. They are neither dead nor alive. And they crave what we have more than anything else. It drives them with lusts so powerful we cannot understand those depths. Their single-mindedness is unique in being our masters and we their stock to feed upon.

    It’s why fictionalized accounts of vampires, the walking dead, Zombies, etc have a certain ring to them we cannot quite dismiss. Our hinder-brains recognize the truth of these “stories” yet our fore-consciousness cannot allow us to acknowledge that while this Age is in progress we’re animals to a small number of butchers.

    There. I’ve said it out loud.


    • River0 says:

      You are a brave man GetBackJack. Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ is the greatest allegorical tale about the world and mankind’s evil ever told. It takes great courage to face the reality, the truth about it.

      Problem is, we can’t fight them on our own with violence. As soon as we begin to do that we risk becoming a violent mob. We may become self-destructive witch hunters. We have to trust in God and Providence to guide our hand.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Agreed, River. But damn me, I do love throwing me hot lead down range.


  3. Astravogel says:

    “Buffalo Bill” Clinton? More like buffalo chip Clinton…

  4. artboyusa says:

    Prostitutes? Mai non! These were simply flocks of attractive, unattached, young woman who were eager to have all kinds of weird sex with flabby, unattractive, middle aged men they just met – happens all the time to me and my gut doesn’t even hang over my belt like DSK’s does.

    Some might say DSK was exploiting these women but because he’s a socialist, its okay. If you’re on the Left you can’t by definition ever do anything wrong. He’s really a decent man who gave in to human weakness – several times a night in different locations for a protracted period of time. He needs our support and understanding; I for one hope he gets the help he needs.

  5. canary says:

    Explains another reason for Hillary Clinton’s preempt goal of leading the International Money Bank.

    And we are sure Hillary will appoint former pres Bill Clinton for a leadership pimp position.

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