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Don’t They Teach Civics In School Anymore?

From the Neil Cavuto show on Fox News, via YouTube:

While the sentiments of this young lady are understandable, even laudable, the end of the interview gave us this exchange:

Neil Cavuto: So if he put Hillary Clinton on that ticket as his Vice President — a lot of Vice Presidents have gone on to become President — you’re still saying no?

Christie Atkins: What I would do is I would vote for McCain as President and then I would vote for Hillary Clinton as Vice President.

Neil Cavuto: Wow. Okay, well, you’ve been consistent Christie.

It is somewhat disturbing that neither Ms. Atkins nor Mr. Cavuto seem to be aware that since the rise of the two party system one cannot vote for a President on one ticket and a Vice President on another.

But such abject ignorance is more the rule than the exception at Fox News and of course the media in general.

Listen to any of the seemingly endless parade of (admittedly, usually toothsome) pundits and strategists who are given air time.

They, like our citizenry at large, are pathetically unschooled in even the most basic knowledge of civics and history.

Which is how we have ended up with candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — and, alas, John McCain.

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