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Fight Between Moslem Clerics Kills 24

Another Religion Of Peace moment.

From the DNC's Associated Press:

Pakistani officials load dead body on a truck in Badshahkili near Peshawar, Pakistan, Tuesday, March 28, 2006. A religious rivalry that started as a battle for the airwaves between two Islamic preachers with their own FM radio stations escalated into bitter fighting that left at least 24 people dead.

2 Dozen Killed In Pakistan Radio Battle

March 28, 2006

BADSHAHKILI, Pakistan — A battle for the airwaves between two Islamic clerics with their own FM radio stations in Pakistan has escalated into fighting that's killed at least 24 people.

The violence in Pakistan's northwestern frontier with Afghanistan raises new doubts about the government's grip over the lawless region, where Islamic radicals wield growing influence.

The fighting broke out late Monday and continued into Tuesday as the rival Islamic factions traded fire with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and hand grenades.

The enmity between the Muslim clerics was sparked when they started criticizing each other's religious beliefs in broadcasts. Their small FM radio stations operate from homes in the remote region dominated by tribesmen.

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself what what the heck is going on in their heads?

(Thanks to JimWilson for the heads up.)

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