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Dozens Of Dems Are Under Ethics Inquiry

From an outraged (at the leak) Washington Post:

Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry

Document was found on file-sharing network

By Ellen Nakashima and Paul Kane
Friday, October 30, 2009

House ethics investigators have been scrutinizing the activities of more than 30 lawmakers and several aides in inquiries about issues including defense lobbying and corporate influence peddling, according to a confidential House ethics committee report prepared in July.

The report appears to have been inadvertently placed on a publicly accessible computer network, and it was provided to The Washington Post by a source not connected to the congressional investigations. The committee said Thursday night that the document was released by a low-level staffer.

The ethics committee is one of the most secretive panels in Congress, and its members and staff members sign oaths not to disclose any activities related to its past or present investigations. Watchdog groups have accused the committee of not actively pursuing inquiries; the newly disclosed document indicates the panel is conducting far more investigations than it had revealed…

The 22-page "Committee on Standards Weekly Summary Report" gives brief summaries of ethics panel investigations of the conduct of 19 lawmakers and a few staff members. It also outlines the work of the new Office of Congressional Ethics, a quasi-independent body that initiates investigations and provides recommendations to the ethics committee. The document indicated that the office was reviewing the activities of 14 other lawmakers. Some were under review by both ethics bodies…

Many of the broad outlines of the cases cited in the July document are known — the committee announced over the summer that it was reviewing lawmakers with connections to the now-closed PMA Group, a lobbying firm. But the document indicates that the inquiry was broader than initially believed. It included a review of seven lawmakers on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee who have steered federal money to the firm’s clients and have also received large campaign contributions. [John Murtha and friends?]

The document also disclosed that:

Ethics committee staff members have interviewed House Ways and Means Chairman Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) about one element of the complex investigation of his personal finances, as well as the lawmaker’s top aide and his son. Rangel said he spoke with ethics committee staff members regarding a conference that he and four other members of the Congressional Black Caucus attended last November in St. Martin…

– The Justice Department has told the ethics panel to suspend a probe of Rep. Alan B. Mollohan (D-W.Va.), whose personal finances federal investigators began reviewing in early 2006 after complaints from a conservative group that he was not fully revealing his real estate holdings…

The committee on June 9 authorized issuance of subpoenas to the Justice Department, the National Security Agency and the FBI for "certain intercepted communications" regarding Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.). As was reported earlier this year, Harman was heard in a 2005 conversation agreeing to an Israeli operative’s request to try to obtain leniency for two pro-Israel lobbyists in exchange for the agent’s help in lobbying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to name her chairman of the intelligence committee…

The committee did not detail the two newly disclosed investigations. However, according to the July document, Rep. Maxine Waters [D-CA], a high-ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, came under scrutiny because of activities involving OneUnited Bank of Massachusetts, in which her husband owns at least $250,000 in stock.

Waters arranged a September 2008 meeting at the Treasury Department where OneUnited executives asked for government money. In December, Treasury selected OneUnited as an early participant in the bank bailout program, injecting $12.1 million.

The other [California Democrat], Rep. Laura Richardson [D-CA], may have failed to mention property, income and liabilities on financial disclosure forms.

The committee’s review of investigations became available on file-sharing networks because of a junior staff member’s use of the software while working from home, Lofgren and Bonner said in a statement issued Thursday night. The staffer was fired, a congressional aide said.

The committee "is taking all appropriate steps to deal with this issue," they said, noting that neither the committee nor the House’s information systems were breached in any way…

Since everyone mentioned as being investigated is a Democrat, our watchdog media is sure to focus on the impropriety of this report being made public.

(Firing the congressional aide won’t be enough.)

After all, they believe it is vital that all secrets must be kept. Unless they can hurt our national security or a Republican or conservative.

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10 Responses to “Dozens Of Dems Are Under Ethics Inquiry”

  1. Laree says:

    U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “You Must Not Have Heard About Me” Video from the Onion, The Pakistanis have kind of been asking for it, we tried to be nice.


  2. Confucius says:

    To summarize,

    # of staffer’s punished = 1
    # of Congressmen punished = 0

  3. proreason says:


    Not believable.

    Hundreds is more likely.

    Since there aren’t thousands of them.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    These sickened fools never learned not to steal and break other people’s things.

    Conversely, they did learn to lie and cheat superbly!

  5. canary says:

    I was just asking a friend about whatever happened to Maxine Waters. I wonder if Maxine’s ears were burning. Wheres all the others. Like Charlie Rangel !

  6. Chuckk says:

    Anyone care to guess what the final outcomes of these “investigations” will be?

  7. VMAN says:

    D is for da money that they gives me
    E is for the ethics rules they break
    M is for the money in their freezer
    O is for Obama they think he’s great
    C is for the constitution they hate so
    R is for race bating that they love
    A is for America they hate so
    T is for the trouble that they cause
    Put them all together they spell DEMOCRAT Let’s get rid of each and every one

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Why is there such a contrast in the words ‘ETHICS’ and ‘Democrat’ when they are mentioned in the same sentence?

    This has to be the #1 oxymoron of all time!

  9. Tater Salad says:

    Looks like there is alot of “activity” going in and out the back door of the White House these days. Here is the website for the Visitor Log to the WH. Looks like ol’ buddy Bill Ayers has made 4 visits. Pretty good because we were told he was just a person “I slightly knew”. Yeah, right! I don’t trust “anything” this President says…period!


    • proreason says:

      Soros 4 visits.

      Michael Moore 8 visits.

      Rev Wright 1 visit.

      Andy Stern (SEIU president) 20 visits

      Jesse Jackson 6 visits

      Jeffrey Imhelt 5 visits (GE CEO – strangely, HIS pay was not cut)

      Kim Gandy 20 visits (Chairman of NOW)

      Hopefully, somebody will analyze the whole list. Reports are though, that only about 500 visits of the total of 10,000 are shown.

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