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‘Dreamers’ Reject GOP Effort To Legalize Them

Speaking of being ‘damned if you do,’ we have this from Yahoo! News:

Dreamer groups reject Republican push to legalize them

By Liz Goodwin | July 22, 2013

A Republican-led push to legalize young unauthorized immigrants has been met with stony resistance from groups representing the very "Dreamers" such a bill would help.

How very instructive. Now, will someone explain to us again how pushing amnesty is going to help the Republicans?

Immigrant advocacy groups say the proposed Kids Act is a way to avoid a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws, which would provide a pathway to citizenship to a much larger number of immigrants. The Kids Act, like earlier DREAM Act proposals, would legalize young people who were brought to the country by their parents and meet certain requirements.

"We will not stand for anything that separates our families," said Greisa Martinez, an organizer with United We Dream, the largest group representing young unauthorized immigrants who have lived in America since they were children. Martinez’s mother crossed over to Texas from Mexico illegally to seek work when Martinez was just 2 months old. "For someone to ask me to leave [my mother] behind, to say she’s unworthy of citizenship, it’s un-American," Martinez said

It’s important to note that we have always been told that the only difference between the GOP’s bill and the Senate’s is that the GOP has a higher age cut off.

But it turns out that isn’t the only difference. These "immigrant advocacy groups" insist they will reject any deal that does not include legalizing the entire family. And they back the Senate’s plan. So it must do that.

United We Dream voted as a group in September to reject any immigration reform bill that does not offer a pathway to citizenship to most of the country’s unauthorized immigrants, saying it will take all or nothing. Cristina Jimenez, United We Dream’s managing director, told reporters on a conference call on Monday that she was "outraged" by the Kids Act, which she said would "condemn our parents and our families to second-class status."

"We won’t give in to any political strategy that wants to use Dreamers and leave their parents behind," Jimenez said…

So bear this in mind whenever you hear anyone talk about a piecemeal approach. The left will not settle for anything short of total amnesty and full citizenship for everyone, no matter what the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party claim.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “‘Dreamers’ Reject GOP Effort To Legalize Them”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Woo……where to start.
    First off, all you dream demanders get out.
    You all are here ILLEGALLY. You “all” broke our laws by coming here to begin with.
    Go home and make demands of your frigging gubbamint, not ours.
    I will tell you what’s un-American………all you border jumpers.
    We don’t owe any of you 1GD thing.
    Ungrateful bastards!

    • GetBackJack says:

      Scenario – I break into your house. I make myself at home. I eat your food, drink your liquor, am insulting to your neighborhood. Then I demand you pay for my education and give me more free opportunities than I give my own kids, Then you have the gall to label me a racist and greedy bastard because I won’t see your point of view?


    • Liberals Demise says:


  2. canary says:

    Notice they left out the current ages of the young illegal women Greisa Martinez and Cristina Jimenez who in spite of being educated in the US since 2 month old got things backwards in that no one is telling them to leave their mothers behind.

    Did the IRS profile the Managing Director of United We Dream which is actually a political organization aiding illegal citizens.

    Obama gave credit to non-profit Move dot On for getting him elected. Now there are so many Move dot organizations.

    This IS NOT a race or racial issue.

    This is about 1/5 of our country bugging people in stores to find simple necessary products like “soap” and “menstrual period” supplies.

    I love all people of every color and enjoy pantomiming and trying to guess if a fellow shopper asks “salt?” “soft” and they do the “yes” “yes” no matter what you say to them, after showing them the wrong things you find out soap. It’s fun to do and help them learn to say the word “soap”. OK. Say it. Soooaaaappppp.

  3. bousquem25 says:

    Of course even if we legalized the “dreamers” and their parents then they’ll be screaming about how we need to renuite their entire families (aunts, uncles, grandparents, 6th cousins and their whole extended clans). The people brought her as 2 month olds had no say but legalizing the parents who knew what they were doing illegally is a slap in the face to all those who are trying to legally immigrate here.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Several myths surround the illegal immigrant.

    1) “Living in the shadows”

    The latest in a long line of myths but as Steve pointed out, there seems to be little difficulty in finding these illegals to accumulate polling data

    2) They risked everything.

    Fact is, they risk nothing. The left their hellhole of a corrupt local, state and national government to come here to reap the benefits of free everything. The real risk is having to go back home. Who would want to once you crack the code on how to get an EBT card, live in communities that are protected and where you can conduct your business out in the open without any fear of retribution?

    3) They come here for jobs

    Myth. Many work. Many don’t. They come here for the free sh*t.

    4) They were persecuted in their home country.

    Nope, unless living in absolute squalor is “persecution”. No jobs to be had, the only house to live in made from corrugated tin discarded from some government project, or stolen from same. Dirt floor, one set of clothing, often no shoes. Can’t say as I blame them for wanting better but….not at the expense of our own. But the Federales have little time for Jose and his girlfriend and children to persecute them. Mostly, Jose stays out of their way and they don’t know he exists.

    There are many more.

    Life is better here, of course. But….like so many who come here, they want to turn the unfamiliar into the familiar by bastardizing our way or ignoring it completely. Flying the flag of the nation they left behind…somehow suddenly “proud” of the filthy wasteland that ignored them and that they discarded.

    Path of least resistance. There’s no fight in a mexican unless you challenge his “manhood” and then you’ll see a display of adolescent machismo. If there was as much fight in them as they claim, they would overrun their government, install a new one that adheres to the rule of law and adopts a constitution that mirrors our own and enforces it.

    It’s odd that people leave the cesspools of their homeland, come here and then complain that it’s not like the cesspool they left.

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