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Dreyfuss: Republicans Must Fix Obama-Care

From the Daily Caller:

Richard Dreyfuss: If GOP doesn’t help fix Obamacare, should anticipate ‘the sick and the dying and the dead on their lawn’

By Jamie Weinstein | November 19, 2013

On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” Tuesday, actor Richard Dreyfuss weighed in on the Obamacare rollout.

“I think for about 100 years one of the political parties has always tried to get a safety net under people and the other party hasn’t,” he said. “And now we have [Obamacare], which is an enormous accomplishment.

And it started with glitches and problems — but I love to remind people that all of our national endeavors started out badly. World War II did not start well or the highway act or social security or the Hoover Dam."

Actually, the Highway Act and Social Security and Hoover Dam all started out very well. But when has a liberal ever let facts get in the way of a rhetorical point?

"And what happens is they get fixed by a Congress of both parties, and that’s what should happen now. And if one party says ‘no,’ then they should anticipate having the sick and the dying and the dead on their lawns.”

You see? It’s up to the grown-ups to make the liberal’s pipe dreams work. And they should be punished if they can’t fix it.

But this is what the stupids think. Anyway, it’s certainly exactly what Obama wants the stupids to think.

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4 Responses to “Dreyfuss: Republicans Must Fix Obama-Care”

  1. captstubby says:

    the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind is one of my favorites.
    its when at the end of the picture, the Aliens take Richard Dreyfuss off the Earth and into outer space,never to return.

    of course its just fantasy.
    even Super advanced Beings could not stand him and returned him ,
    to make more movies.

  2. dasher says:

    Yeah, I dislike it when I learn my favorite actors/musicians/etc are bed-wetting liberals. I really have to put my blinders on and attempt to block out that which annoys me.

    You hear me, Diana Krall?


  3. Petronius says:

    I have a hard time accepting political advice from a pipsqueak. Especially Hollywood pipsqueaks.

    Dunno why, maybe it’s me, maybe I’m prejudiced against midgets, but political comments by a guy who only comes up to my chin usually don’t register on my radar screen.

    Some years ago Lee Majors advertised himself as the only leading man in Hollywood over six feet tall.

    We can debate whether Lee Majors was actually “leading man” material.

    But the fact remains that many leading men in recent years have been too short to be leading anything. Much less to be thinking out loud.

    Everybody talks about how the average American IQ has fallen to about 92, but are we also shrinking? Dreyfuss (5’5”) would seem to be evidence of both phenomena.

  4. canary says:

    He was only good in Jaws and to think it was because he was in a manic stage of his illness.
    So many celebrities take to the talk shows to tell of their problems when they run out of work.

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