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Drilling Ban Lifted (In Time For Elections)

From an outraged (that the ban has been lifted) Associated Press:

Drilling ban lifted; uncertainties still face Gulf

By Matthew Daly, Associated Press Writer 
October 13, 2010 

WASHINGTON – Deep water oil drills quieted by a six-month moratorium will again hum off the Gulf Coast, helping an industry that, despite its dangers, puts needed money in the pockets of thousands along the Gulf Coast. What’s less certain is just how soon the jobs on hold because of the six-month ban will come back to a region trying to recover.

Thirty-three deep water operations were halted by the moratorium imposed as the BP oil disaster unfolded. Meeting new federal safety requirements imposed since then will take time for oil companies

The Obama administration, under heavy pressure from the oil industry and Gulf states and with elections nearing, on Tuesday lifted the moratorium that it imposed in April.

And yet only yesterday ‘Baghdad Bob’ Gibbs told the White House press corps that the lifting of deep-water drilling moratorium was based on policy process "that got done faster" than expected.

The ban had been scheduled to expire Nov. 30, but Interior Secretary Ken Salazar moved up the deadline, saying new rules have strengthened safety and reduced the risk of another catastrophic blowout that caused more than 200 million gallons of crude to spew from BP’s well a mile beneath the Gulf.

Absolutely. Government regulations stop accidents just like stop signs stop cars.

A federal report said the prohibition likely caused a temporary loss of 8,000 to 12,000 jobs in the Gulf region and drilling is unlikely to resume for at least a few weeks.

And never mind that independent estimates put the number of jobs lost at twice that upper figure. The Obama administration will lie about anything.

And after all, who in our watchdog media is going to challenge them?

Todd Hornbeck, CEO of Covington, La.-based Hornbeck Offshore Services, said lifting the ban would still leave the industry in a "de facto moratorium stage" until the government fully explains how new drilling permits will be issued.

"We’re still in the dark," said Hornbeck, who heads one of the companies that sued to block Interior’s initial moratorium. His company provides vessels and other services for the offshore industry.

"Right now, I’m skeptical that it will be anytime soon that permits will be issued even if the moratorium is lifted," he said

He’s right, you know. Once again, Mr. Obama will try to accomplish with backdoor executive orders and bureaucratic regulations what he has not been able to do through legislation or the courts.

Moreover, it is safe to say that the $40 billion dollars that BP has been forced to shell out since the leak will have a somewhat ‘chilling effect’ on whether any oil company will ever want to drill in the Gulf of Mexico in the future. Unless of course they are in the pay of China or Cuba or Brazil or Vietnam or Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the company behind Hungary’s ‘Red Sludge’ spill — that was the size of the BP spill, and which actually killed people – is going back into production on Friday.

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8 Responses to “Drilling Ban Lifted (In Time For Elections)”

  1. oldpuppydixie says:

    But how many drilling outfits actually REMAIN in the Gulf? How many have moved to other locations, gone to work for George Soros at cut rate pay or simply gone broke? What percentage of operations previously in business in the Gulf will resume drilling in the near future? Somehow I doubt those numbers will be readily forthcoming…at least not HONEST numbers.

  2. Tater Salad says:

    Hold on people! This isn’t going to be like you think! Better read the article below because it is going to be awhile for anything to even happen with these rigs. It is all a “smoke screen” for votes in the coming election.


  3. untrainable says:

    Beyond the moratorium itself, there are reams of new regulatory requirements not the least of which is that each operation has to be inspected and approved by Obie brownshirts before they can resume operations. As organized as our president has shown that he is, it will probably be another 6 to 8 months before they make the necessary decisions to get inspectors actually doing the job. Then, as mentioned, each rig still has to get drilling permits from the regime, and right now they don’t even have a procedure for making that happen. Obie has effectively cut off our ability to fuel ourselves with our own resources for the forseeable future. In other words, getting a permit to drill for oil in the gulf shouldn’t be any harder than getting a permit to build a nuclear power plant. One thing is for sure, even though the ban has been lifted, the people who have lost their livelyhood to Obama policies won’t be taken in by the gesture of lifting a ban that should never have been leveled in the first place. At least I “HOPE” they won’t.

  4. proreason says:

    In related news, it turns out that our trustworthy government hasn’t been able to hire but a very few new inspectors, so alas, despite the lift on the ban, it will be quite a while before any drilling will be able to recommence.

    But don’t worry, our bureaucrats have the best of intents and that is what really matters.

  5. Astravogel says:

    And wasn’t there a minor item in the news about
    the Chinese buying a considerable stake in some
    Texas oil deposits? Those running from San Ant.
    south to the Mexican border? Wonder just who
    will gain from that?

  6. RabidAmerican says:

    Not to be off-target but it’s so frustrating. Consider…

    The Department of Energy was formed after the oil crisis on August 4, 1977 in order to end the United States dependence on foreign oil by President Jimmy Carter’s signing of legislation, The Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977 (P.L. 95-91, 91 Stat. 565).

    What a total waste of money. Oh, wait. It’s a government agency… I believe that’s a bit redundant.

    I could (of course in the position of power) turn this whole economy around in one month. And this is just for starters…

    1) Announce fast-tracking of the construction of 100 nuclear power plants to come on-line over two years throughout the country.

    2) Announce my own “czar” with the power to discriminately override EPA regulations with the endeavor to drill (in shallow water) anywhere around the coast.
    Same czar with same powers to allow the construction of the pipelines necessary for the transmission of crude extracted from myriad oil fields on land already leased to bring oil to refineries. (The fields are leased, the pipelines necessary have been held up by environmentalists for decades). (DISCLAIMER: I’m not interested in environmental degradation, it can be done and safely).

    3) Shale? Hell yes.

    4) Fund, via Argonne National Lab, Brookhaven National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab etc programs to develop real alternative sources of energy, i.e., tidal basin wave capture to power water-separation plants producing liquid hydrogen and oxygen: Hydrogen for fuel, (now transportable because it’s liquid) and oxygen (industrial and medical uses). (Talk about perfect recycling when that hydrogen is burned).

    This alone would kill two birds with one stone. (actually three):
    1. Energy independence.
    2. Jobs, jobs, jobs, oh, did I say JOBS–like $78,000-a-year jobs.
    (3) Two-bit dictators could kiss our collective asses.

    Oh, I forgot. The ‘ruling class’ would never go for it.

    Time to drink a little wine and get over it and go to bed like a good docile citizen.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Now that China is buying up US oil reserves, I expected the drilling ban to be eased. Obama will do whatever it takes to make sure China gets all the oil she needs even if he must starve us of oil. All this “renewable” crap doesn’t reduce the amount of oil burned on the planet, it simply changes WHERE it is burned.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Refresh my memory somebody!

    Didn’t these people do the same thing in a valley in California? They shut off the water to farmers, because of some snail-darter, then agreed to turn the water back on as part of a health care agreement? Someone must remember this, this is correct isn’t it?

    Won’t they do the same thing with student loans, and health care? Manipulate the supply or outcome to control people?

    They are supposed to be clearing the way, so the American people can live their lives and dreams as they see fit, and THIS is what we get? Sh*tty deals, backdoor deals, don’t read the bill, signing statements, manipulating state governments with their own money, screwing people who fight back…….UGH, and we are pay them to do this to us……..what happened!?

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