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Duncan Hunter: Change How Jobless Reported

From The Hill:

GOP lawmaker calls for change to how government measures unemployment

By Molly K. Hooper – 04/08/12

A Republican lawmaker is intensifying his push for legislation that would change how the government measures the unemployment rate.

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) intends to press GOP leaders to move his bill to include the number of individuals who gave up looking for work in the percentage of jobless claims.

Should the government measure unemployment with Hunter’s figure, the unemployment rate would be higher than the current rate of approximately 8 percent– a potentially devastating assessment for the White House, especially in an election year.

And, naturally, that is all The Hill is concerned about. To hell with the people who are actually unemployed.

The San Diego-based lawmaker contends that he did not introduce his bill to make the president look bad, since the number would reflect poorly on all individuals in charge of government…

His one-page legislation, the “REAL Unemployment Calculation Act” would require “the federal government [to] cite, as its official unemployment calculation, the figure that takes into account those who are no longer looking for work,” not only those individuals actively seeking jobs.

Because people are still unemployed even if they have given up looking for work.

For example, the most recent unemployment rate released on Friday with 8.2 percent unemployment, would be officially considered 9.6 percent, the so-called U-5 rate that was also released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.)

The measure would not require any additional numbers to be calculated, it would simply use a statistic that the BLS already calculates each month, alongside the so-called official unemployment rate and a handful of other stats

The information is already there. It’s our one news media that won’t report it. That is, until we get a Republican in the White House again.

For the past two decades, there has been a consistent spread between the U-3 and U-5 rates, until several years ago during President Obama’s administration, when the U-3 began to improve while the U-5 rose, according to a recent study of Labor Department data released by Investor’s Business Daily in late February…

Isn’t that handy for Obama? And doesn’t that make you wonder why it should be happening all of a sudden after all these years?

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One Response to “Duncan Hunter: Change How Jobless Reported”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Good. Duncan Hunter brought this up at a joint forum the 5 San Diego Congresscritters held recently. It probably got one of the most overwhelmingly positive responses which says something that people even understand to a sense how the gov is manipulating the stats.

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